Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Maggie the Magnificent

Now this is what I call a high class gal! Maggie was born in Tallin, Estonia on Feb. 22, 2004 and shlepped over to the USA by her breeder. She now resides with her mom Billie in Oklahoma City. Here she is posing for her portrait:

Maggie's favorite thing to do is to jump up in the air and have you catch her! She sure is a fine specimen of our breed and her stripping is impeccable. Mom is threatening to get me stripped before Grandma arrives - I do look rather scruffy, I have to admit, but the thought of having my hair ripped out is not very appealing.

And just to show you that Colby is not the only wire who enjoys throwing a bottle of soda around, here is a picture of me having a high ol' time with dad's empty Coke bottle:

It was so exhausting, that I soon fell asleep on my perch - the top of the couch - with my favorite toy Cow which was a gift to me from my favorite petsitter Rose!


Monday, August 29, 2005

A Local Yokel

I found another wire in Pennsylvania - but boy is it a HUGE state - Rocky lives miles away in Oakmont, which is about 11 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. Sounds like a swell place to live, as his mom Lisa explains, "It's a quaint little town with brick streets and gas street lanterns, but we have the city amenities." He is almost four and loves Cherry water ice (as you can see in his first pic) and chasing rabbits in his yard. I still haven't seen a damn rabbit!!


Around the World in One Blog Flash

First a big round of applause for the Philly cops -- the horrible man who broke in and raped our neighbor is now behind bars, and I hope he stays there FOREVER. Now we can all sleep a bit better at night.

I had a super weekend, bar the visit to the vet! Yesterday Mom, Dad and I went to Quakertown to visit Dad's friend Rob who lives on a big family farm. Wow, I had so much room to run and play! I found a nice black gravel area, and had a good dig in the rain. Boy did I look a sight!
I then ran up to everyone (there was a big family reunion) and made sure everyone got as dirty as me! Heh heh!

We interrupt this blog report, with an advertisement for Sour Apple Crush brought to us by that Canadian Rascal Colby Russel!

Thank you Colby, and now we whip around the globe to the UK for two amazing news stories.
Wow, these folks must really love their dog!

A worried couple have offered a £40,000 reward to anyone who finds their missing dog.
Diane and Roy Cousins, both 55, have re-mortgaged their home in Bromley, Kent and even sold their wedding rings to raise the cash in an attempt find their beloved pooch, Natasha.

After consulting my online currency converter - I can tell you that is over $72,000! If I lived in Kent, I'd be out there sniffing for Natasha myself, my parents sure could use that kind of loot!

And how is this for a smart Scottish pooch?

When Archie, a black labrador, lost his owner on a lonely Scottish station, he jumped on the first train home. Not only did the dog catch the right train, he got off at the right station. Closed-circuit television footage shows the dog waiting for his master at the station before watching the Aberdeen to Inverness train pull in. Unable to find his owner, the labrador decided to avoid a long walk home by nipping aboard the 20.38 train. He got out at the right stop, Insch, 12 minutes along the line.

And now Axel's international blog, whips west to Panama - situated between Costa Rica and Columbia in Central America. Panama is home to two more wiry friends, Olaf and Lulu who are owned by Sarah. Olaf is a Panamanian native, but Lulu was imported from Argentina. What devilish grins the pair of them have!

And nearer to home in Louisiana and Mississippi (did I spell that right Grandma??), my thoughts are with my fellow animals who are about to be hit by the bitchy witchy Hurricane Katrina! I hope all the humans and animals will be safe - I've been watching that big red swirly image on TV, and it's pretty scary looking!

Over and Out.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Fading Days of Summer

Urgh - only two weekends left of Summer! I've never had a winter of course, but I hear Mom and Dad constantly moaning about how they are dreading it. I have a feeling I might like the snow!

But in the meantime, I love this picture of George gazing out at the ocean. I still haven't seen the ocean - what's up with that Mom and Dad?


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Message from Grandma

I just got an email from my grandma in South Africa! She writes:

Hi there Axel
This is from your S.A. Grandma who you will be seeing in exactly three weeks - can't wait. Just to tell you that I really think you are the best doggie blogger in the world - I love reading about your antics. Also, please tell your Mom that I was sorry to hear about the break-in across the road - I really thought that it is safer in the USA than in S.A. And, finally, please also tell your Mom that she needs to check some of your spelling - the word is 'embarrassing' not 'embarracing' ! But you are only a very little pup so sure your spelling will improve!

Lots of pats and kisses. xxxxxxxxxxx

Yes Grandma, you are right, my spelling sucks! But let me ask you this, how good are you at digging holes, dismembering shoes and licking your balls?

I thought so.



AGC (You wouldn't catch me dead walking a poodle!)

Moment of TV Fame?

I was fast asleep in my crate last night, when I was awakened first by car alarms going off, and then a little while later by the sound of police sirens and ambulance. I ignored it and went back to sleep, but Mom and Dad were awake and peering out the window. They assumed someone was sick and went back to sleep finally.

This morning, Mom wasn't feeling well (she's had a head cold for 2 days) so she slept in and then took me for a walk. So we're walking down the street and there are these men in blue and white uniforms all over - cops! And a police crime scene unit, just like you see on CSI! Mom asked a cop what was going on and was it related to the events of last night. The cop explained that an intruder had broken in to the house diagonally across from ours - through the second floor window! Last night was very cool, so people probably opened their windows for the first time. Anyway, the intruders stole her car but the lady and her spaniel were okay.

So while on our walk, this man with a microphone started asking mom questions about how she feels about the break in etc...and me and mom are going to be on Fox TV news! After the brief interview, he asked both of us to just walk past the camera - I was a smart dog...as we were walking I went right up to the camera lens and peered in! Ha! So there should be a good shot of me on TV tonite.

Mom didn't want me writing about this on my blog cos Grandma is coming to visit us from South Africa in 3 weeks, and we don't want her to think she is still in South Africa. So Grandma, if you are reading this, don't worry, this isn't a frequent occurence and Mom and Dad are hoping to install an alarm system, and I'll protect you (if I'm awake!).

Mom had a cadenza on our walk today - I was rolling on a patch of grass when she discovered I was really rolling on a dead mouse! Boy did she pull me away from there fast! Geez mom, don't you know we terriers were trained to seek out vermin - I was just following instinct, even if the mouse was already dead!

All in all, a most exciting walk this morning!!


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Two Faces of Axel

Mom does not stop snapping my picture! It's getting embarracing. But what the heck, might as well post it on my blog - it's not like I'm ugly to look at, right? Especially with my cute little lightening bolt on my forehead.

Got a wee fright today when I found another WFT blog in the blogosphere! I felt my status as blogger supremo was threatened! It's written by Dean-O, a wire in Montreal, Canada. My angst was thankfully in vain however, as Dean-O seems to use his blog only to showcase his different seasonal outfits (and you know how I feel about dressing up!). As alluring as those photographs are, I feel my blog is for the more discerning terrier who enjoys some thought-provoking opinions and witty observations. Plus, I am a more diligent blogger as Dean-O hardly updates! HA!
I remain Axel, WFT King of Blogdom!

AGC (feeling rather smug)

Poor Jack

Just been weeping over my keyboard at this sad story from the UK about a farmer and his devoted border terrier mix Jack:

GAZING expectantly, border terrier Jack waits for his master to return.
The ex-stray would always sit by farmer Mick Boffey as he did daily tasks. But their inseparable bond has been broken after Mick, 61, was run over by thugs stealing his Land Rover. Mick had raced to the 4X4 fearing Jack was inside, but the little dog had already been dumped.
Since Mick's death, Jack has hardly eaten and constantly sniffs around, hoping to pick up his scent. He still scampers to the yard when he hears a tractor, waiting for Mick to jump down and pat him on the head. Heartbreakingly, he has yet to realise his master is not coming home.

Poor Jack.

What more can I say?


What a load of shit!

Can you imagine spending $1 million on dog poop? Well, that's what Budapest, Hungry is doing!

"Hungary's capital is launching a 200-million-forint ($1-million) campaign to rid itself of hundreds of tonnes of dog waste which land on the city's sidewalks and parks each year. City officials estimate that Budapest's 400,000 dogs produce around 14,600 tonnes of dog waste each year, more than the weight of the Eiffel Tower and the London Eye combined, creating a health hazard and a public nuisance."

Now excuse me, I may be a mere canine, but it gets my goat that the tone of this article blames the dogs and not their owners! It's not like we can help where we poop - it's not like we have toilets at our disposal. Geez. Pisses me off.

But back to my mundane life.
Last night I caught my paw in the dishwasher! Mom said it served me right for always climbing onto the dishwasher door when she loads it up. I just can't help it and besides, I am providing a pre-wash licking service. It seems I am not unique in this behavior!!

And speaking of not being unique, it seems I am not the only WFT who adores gazing at my image in the mirror. Check out that Pippin dude:

A quick shout out to my pal Noonie/Goldie Nissenbaum, a sweet retriever who lives in northern Israel. Her mom Becka tells me the stupid dog authorities impounded her yesterday as she was sitting outside their home watching her daddy Yaniv clean the floors! Becka was beside herself that Noonie would freak to be in an unfamiliar place, but when Yaniv paid her 400NIS bail (about $80), Noonie looked sad to leave the other dogs and come home!
Had I been Noonie, and falsely arrested like that, I would have bitten the dog catcher in the bum! Alas, a retriever is not a terrier!


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Please don't do this to me Mom!

Oh G-d!

"A bride has said she chose her pet dogs to accompany her down the aisle as they had never let her down. There was not a dog collar in sight as the six pugs turned up in full bridal attire to the ceremony in Cumbria.
Guests at Carlisle register office were stunned to see Dianne Johnston's pedigree chums accompany her and husband-to-be Andrew.
The pets - four bitches and two dogs - were regaled in made-to-measure dresses and top hat and tails. "

Mom and Dad are getting married in June 2006 at a Country Club and I know they plan to include me in the ceremony as the ring bearer - but I would not be seen DEAD in a top hat and tails. Pugs are ugly enough as it is, but dressed like that they look like complete idiots!

Mom and Dad, if you do that to me, I promise you I will take off down the golf course with the rings and never come back! Grrr.


Double Trouble

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Who is the fairest of them all?

Why it is YOU dear Axel, YOU!!


So Many Four-Legged Friends

I keep "meeting" all these amazing wires and other four-legged friends online.
Hailing all the way from Marysville, Washington - which according to my research is "situated near picturesque mountains, lakes, rivers and the Puget Sound, on the north crescent of the fertile Snohomish River Delta." It is also known as "The Strawberry City." I wonder why?

So there amongst the strawberries live the Savage hounds - Woody and Amelia who are 7 year old siblings (pictured below right with their human dad Philip and in the foreground, left). Poor Woody and Amelia aren't well at the moment, so please join me in wishing them well! They also live with Alexandra, their mom and Beau who is not a wire, but we still love him! Next to Alexandra, standing on the plank, is Sir Dagwood of Bumstead who passed on earlier this year.

Nearer to us here in Philly, are Niall, Tessa and Ruffles who live in Middletown, New Jersey with their mom Barbara. Niall (pictured below in the center) is named after an Irish King who was active early-to-mid 5th century. He is said to have made raids on the coastlines of Britannia and Gaul: these raids are usually credited with bringing Saint Patrick to Ireland as a boy. So say thanks to Niall for bringing us St. Patrick's Day - a day on which Tilly I'm sure, has an extra swig of beer! Tessa (pictured left) is a 9-year old gal and Ruffles (right) is a Jack Russel who works as a therapy dog!

And then there is the incorrigable Pippin - that bee-loving canine, who lives with his sister Maggie, and human mom Pat (the poor whench who got stung last week!). Below is a picture of the siblings, with Pippin having a grand ol' time belly-up. He is a funny fella!


Monday, August 22, 2005

L'Hayim! To Life!

So I thought all gals residing in the UK were tea totallers! Seems I was wrong - who would guess that Tilly, my wiry pal in Pembrokeshire, West Wales was a beer guzzler! Just look at her with her dad drinking "Old Speckled Hen". Sounds quite atrocious - do they grind up hens and mix it with alchohol?

Anyway Tilly, if I'd ever tried beer, which I have not (mom and dad only drink Coke!), I would join you in a toast, a l'hayim as us Jewish dogs say, to Life, Love, Walks and happy terrier trails!


Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Agony, the Ecstasy and the Freaky

Boy do I love water! I went swimming again last week, pure bliss and ecstasy on a hot Philly day. I wanted to share a picture of myself I like to call, "Drowned Rat":

And now to the agony. Eventhough Inca is not a WFT - she is still part of the terrier family - that of Bull Terrier. Personally, I think they are pretty ugly and scary looking. But still, I wouldn't wish anything bad upon them. Poor Inca, took it upon herself to confront a porcupine, and clearly, the porcupine won! "OUCH!" doesn't really do this picture justice:

You'll be happy to hear that a diligent vet removed the quills and Inca is making a good recovery!

Note to self: Never tussle with a porcupine!

And finally the freaky. Thanks to Pippin's mommy Pat for bringing this to my attention. A puppy with six legs and two penises was found sleeping outside a Chinese temple in a Malaysian town, and devotees are treating the freak find as a good omen. The puppy, believed to have been left there by someone, is being cared for by the temple committee and have named him Ong Fatt, or the Lucky One.
The temple committee has obtained a dog-rearing permit from the Klang Municipal Council to keep the puppy as a pet.

Well, I'm not sure what I'd do with six legs, but two penises could be interesting!


Friday, August 19, 2005

Mom's Inspiration

I often wonder why mom decided to adopt me. I mean mom and dad just got engaged, just moved into a house, you'd think they'd like to enjoy it all and relax without having to cope with me. Turns out, the final thing that did mom in (for years she had wanted a wire 'cos she grew up with one called Georgie), was a picture of Colby who lives in Winnipeg, Canada. Colby is now 5 months old, but it was the pic of him at 3-months that melted mom's heart - pictured left. Pictured right is Master Colby today.

I think we look a lot alike, we're both handsome dudes! Colby's mom Wendy is so nice, she's sending Colby on a vacation while her and David bounce about on a ship at sea! Boy is he lucky, he's going to the Santana Kennels which have executive dogruns and themed bedroom suites! Plus, the place is outfitted with webcams, so Colby's mom and dad can watch him online from their ship! Bloody awesome!


Objects out the Door

I was just sitting at the computer laughing my wiry head off reading an email from Susan who is owned by two wires, Dot and Dash (below).

She was giving counsel to someone who is considering buying a wire, she writes:

My dogs love to be outside. We have a dog door so that they can go in and out at will. The major problem with that is that anything that isn't nailed down eventually ends up outside. We find dog toys, kid toys, shoes, the bathtub stopper, kitchen sponges, socks/clothing. It's almost fun to see what they'll find next! While I've been writing this email, I've had one dog toy and one sock run out of the house.

Below is a charming picture of Susan's daughter Meredith with Dot the Wiry gal.


Wiry, Sometimes Stinky, Friends

I want to introduce you to two more of my wiry friends.
First up is Asta who lives in Boynton Beach, FL (Mom lived near there for a year, and goes on and on about how she misses those S. FL beaches!) - he is 7 years old and his mommy's name is Janet. Boy I hope I grow up to be as handsome as he is!

For those of you who don't know, pictured next to Asta from FL, is the "famous" Asta who starred in the Thin Man movies and TV series. He basically is credited with putting our breed on the map! From Asta's Fan Website, I learnt that, "Asta was immensely popular with audiences in the thirties - so popular in fact, that many smitten fans wanted a clever little companion like Asta to call their own. Unfortunately, this surge of interest then led to an over breeding problem for Asta-like terriers. " That ain't good! My fave doggie TV star is Eddie from Frasier, me and Dad watch the reruns every night together!

My other wiry friend hails all the way from Pembrokeshire, West Wales in the United Kingdom (sounds so grand!). Her name is Tilly and she is pictured here after a delightful swim on her summer vacation in an area of S West England called Exmoor! She's a cutie and what a lucky girl to vacation in such paradisical surroundings!

Brenda, Tilly's mom wrote this funny email this morning! You won't believe what little Tilly got up to!

This morning before work I took Tilly for a walk in a field where cows had been . What did she do ? Rolled in a runny cow pat. What a smell. I had to sponge her off and she stills smells awful. I didn't have time to bath her so I think that is going to be tonights job. She looked so pleased with herself with this black runny goo dripping off her ear. I can still smell it now, sitting at my desk !

Hahaha! You go Tilly!!! Brenda, sounds like you may want to try some Skunk Off to get rid of the putrid poop smell. If it works against skunky smell, it should work for bovine excrement!


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Wiry Compliments!

Mom received an email today from a fan of my blog! I think I enjoy positive feedback more than....a good Dingo treat! (And I love those!):


I just had to write and tell you how I love your Blog. I check it every couple of days to look for your opinion on things. You are just to adorable and keep up the work.

Joan and Angel and Gabriel

Woohoo! Thanks guys! Stay tuned!


Flight of the Bumble Bee

I got my very first email today from my wiry pal Pippin who wrote to tell me about an interesting liason with a bumble bee. Below is a pic of the Pippin surrounded by her evil bee friends:

Dear Axel-
I was a very naughty dog just now. My human, Pat, was outside working on removing some weeds by the rosearbor. I was tormenting the hive of bumble bees. I do this ALL the time. My bumble bees are usually rather placid and never really get angry.
Until today.
As I was snapping at the bees, a GIANT bumble bee emerged. It came right at me.
I fled in terror. The giant bumble bee landed on my posterior end, and started to dig down towards my skin. My tender butt was in peril! I ran for my human.
Pat saw me running towards her, and she dropped her tools. Even my big sister Maggie came over.
In my twisting and snapping, I managed to get the bee dislodged from my posterior.
I ran away, back to the protection of the yews, by the front door. I was shaking.
Pat apparently thought the episode was over and she picked up her tools.
The big, giant, bumble bee flew right at her! Down went the tools. Up went the arms. My human became a windmill. Maggie started to bark and snap at the bee. Pat started to run and the bee pursued. Maggie was also in pursuit. I sat in the shade on the yews,trembling.
The bumble bee went right for Pat's face. Her arms were spinning out of control. Pat sort of ended up inside the rose bush. THORNS! THORNS! THORNS! AND NETTLES!!! OUCHIE OUCHIE OUCHIE.
My human spat at the bee!
I never saw my human do THAT before! Apparently she hit the bee and the bee went down for a moment.The behemoth bee did not give up. It came back and landed on Pat's chin.
It stung her! On the chin.
Pat swatted the bee from her chin. It seems the stinger wasn't fully out from the bee and it made full contact with the meaty part of her hand by the thumb-so Pat was stung TWICE by the same bee.
My human went inside and applied lotion and plucked out the thorns. She also told my other human (Judy) that her jaw feels like she has novacaine in it. Her hand is ok, but she does have spots of blood on her from the thorns.
I was very naughty!

Dear Pippin,
It is nice to know that I am not the only literate WFT out there. I had a good laugh at your letter - I don't think you're naughty, incorrigable would probably better describe you!
I don't think I've ever seen a bumble bee - I'm an urban hound alas, and though I go to the park every day, I don't see much animal life (I did see a dead groundhog last week - boy did it stink!)

I think you should apologize to your human for getting her stung by giving her lots of licks and kisses in the next few days and by staying out of trouble! Of course, this could backfire - she may think you are sick or something, and get psychologically strung out wondering about your sudden good behavior. Could be fun!

Axel G Chocholoza

PS Below is an photographic impression of me and a bumble bee! (Yeah, I even know Photoshop!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hattie in the Hammock

I came across this disturbing (yet highly amusing) website today that features Hattie the wire-haired fox terrier dressed up in lumberjack attire and posing in all manner of situations on her farm in Upstate New York. I find it disturbing because I fail to comprehend how any relative of mine would acquiesce to dressing up in human clothing, let alone sitting still in various poses. You'd have to kill me first!

Nevertheless, Hattie is a gorgeous gal, and I found myself laughing hysterically at her funny photos. Mom was so tickled, she promptly took out her check book and ordered some fridge magnets with Hattie's picture!


Monday, August 15, 2005

Holy Crap, that is UGLY!

Meet Sam, a 14-year-old pedigreed Chinese crested, and a three-time champ in the World's Ugliest Dog Contest.

He looks like a decrepid old ET gone very wrong. How could he possibly be pedigreed?
I'm going to have nightmares tonight....ewwww!


Of Motherhood and Show Dogs

Mazel tov to Izzie who gave birth to 3 dogs and one bitch! Isn't this a beautiful picture of family? Izzie lives in England - she's an English lassie! (No, not that Lassie!). Hard to believe I was that small barely 3 months ago (I'll be 3 months on the 17th August!)

I haven't decided whether I want to be a show dog or not. But I did enjoy seeing these two sweet gals parading at the Longview show in Texas on the weekend. They were competing in the 6-9 month age group. I'd like to go to a show, if for nothing else than to meet some hot bitches!


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Boy it's another scorcher today! Mom and Dad took me to meet Ozzie's family who are vacationing all over the States and came to Philly today. I was sad that I never got to meet Ozzie, apparently he gets too carsick to travel. I sat on Ozzie's mom's lap through lunch, while she alternated between eating her Caesar salad and plucking out my hair:

I also had a fun day yesterday. I met my friends in the park and ran around teasing the big dogs and humping the little ones to show what a big guy I am!

And last night, I met mom's cousins in Havertown for my first proper Shabbat dinner. It was also a celebration for dad's 40th birthday. I was very well behaved except for a short digging stint in their garden - there is something delicious about the grass on the Mainline! And after everyone popped the champagne to celebrate Dad's birthday, I had a grand ol' time chewing the cork...

I am now off to dad's parents house to swim! Yippee!


Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Wiry Gal in Austin

I think I'm in love again...her name is Tipper and she owns Margaret. They live in Austin, Texas. Tipper is 10-months old, and just look at those sexy, long legs! I think I'm attracted to older bitches!

PS. Speaking of wiry bitches -- last night at the park I met a cousin of mine - another bitch with the unfortunate name of Douglass! Turns out she came from the same breeder that I did, and her mom and my mom are sisters! She is a sweet gal - but very quiet and mellow - I will try to get her excitable next time I see her!


Saved by Elvis

Is it just me, or is this story pretty funny?

"A bartender, tour-boat engineer and an Elvis impersonator helped rescue a dog named Tucker, who was paddling alone in the middle of Lake Champlain near Juniper Island on Tuesday evening. "

I can just see the dog swimming for his life, when he spots Elvis reaching out to him to come aboard. He probably thought he'd died and gone to doggy heaven!

The story ends very happily:
"The dog's owner was spotted circling the lake in a speedboat with a similar dog aboard. The crew flagged her down and instructed her to meet them at the dock. In the meantime, passengers were sharing the buffet with the dog. "

Bet the buffet made the death-defying swim worthwhile! Those all you can eat cruise buffets? Sure beats kibble and boiled chicken!


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Those Smart German Shephards!

This could only happen in New Jersey:

"A US woman who ended up with three police cars outside her home claims she was teaching her dog to dial 911. Sylvia D’Antonio, 46, of Lake Parsippany, New Jersey, was charged with disorderly conduct for making three late night 911 calls. But she insists the calls were made by Slayer, her German shephard. A police dispatcher was alarmed because when the calls were picked up “the only communication was someone breathing”. The calls were traced and three squad cars raced to D’Antonio’s home where they found there was no emergency. D’Antonio claimed she told Slayer how to dial 911 in an emergency and the dog got the number right. “She knocks it off the hook and then she steps on it,” she said. "

I can't even figure out where to pee (last night I peed on the sofa, much to the consternation of my Dad) let alone how to use the friggin' phone. All power to Slayer, and for all we know, it could have been an emergency in his mind. Maybe his water bowl was empty.

Still on the topic of law enforcement, join me in wishing Hans, a K9 Police Officer, a jolly good retirement. In his career, he apprehended over 100 criminals and saved his human partners life on more than one occasion. His retirement gift? No, not a watch but "a jumbo-size box of dog biscuits." Let's hope his dentures can handle it.


Monday, August 08, 2005

Of Friends and Foes

So I wanted to share this cute picture of my wiry Israeli friend Mack (right) and his sister Luca (a Canaan dog) owned by Don who lives in Jerusalem. You can see they love eachother! Wish I wasn't an only-dog, but I don't see that changing anytime soon. I am exhausting enough for mom and dad.

Mom used to live in Israel too, but never saw a wire terrier there the entire 6 years she lived in Jerusalem. In fact, turns out she lived around the corner from Don for much of that time! I would like to visit Mack and Luca one day, as I am Jewish by adoption and would like to see the Old City and run on the Tel Aviv beach!

I learnt a valuable lesson yesterday. A cat is not, I repeat, NOT a dog, or anything like a dog. As mom was walking me to the park, we came across Blanche-the-snooty-cat. When she saw me, she got pretty submissive and lay down. Not having had much experience with felines, I playfully pounced on her, and boy did she get pissed, she lashed out and hissed. It hurt. I ran for my life. Now I know why I'm supposed to hate cats!


Sunday, August 07, 2005

Doggone Days of Summer

Life is a stroll in the Park. Ah, 'tis the life of a wee pup!


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Attack of the Clones?

I very nearly choked on my kibble this morning while reading the newspaper. What on earth are these humans up to? The answer: nothing better to do than clone my species!

"South Korean scientists have successfully cloned the world's first dog. Man's best friend now joins a long list of animals that have been "duplicated." But what makes this achievement so remarkable is that dogs -- unlike sheep, goats, mice, pigs, or even cats -- have such a complicated reproductive biology that cloning them was thought to be nearly impossible. Now that canines have been conquered, will humans be next?"

The cloned Afghan hound, given the stupid name of Snuppy (stands for Seoul National University Puppy) was born to a labrador. Eeew, that gives me the creeps. Even creepier, the scientists aren't sure whether Snuppy has the make up of a 3-year old dog, the age of his father! I really don't think humans should be allowed to mess with nature!

Speaking of pregnancies, I wanted to share a pic of my wiry pal Copper and his mom Brenda P who is 6 month preggies. Copper's fave pillow is his mom's belly! Awww.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I wanna go to Alcatraz!

As I was munching my breakfast this morn, I came upon a great story about a 4-year old dog who beat most of the human swimmers in the Alcatraz Invitational! Jake came in 72nd!

"Organizers from the South End Rowing Club which puts on the annual event say it was the first known crossing of the water by a dog. The crowd cheered as Jake made his way onto solid ground, shook off water and dodged a woman who tried to put a medal around his neck.
The 4-year-old pooch and his owner, Jeff Pokonosky, live In San Diego. Pokonsky said he and Jake swim 4 miles a week and bodysurf together. And Jake always eats scrambled eggs before a big swim. "

Now that is the life! I can't ever see my dad swimming 4 miles a day - ha, he'd probably drown!

I just dig the water. Last night Mom was taking a shower, and I thought, what the hell, looks like fun, so I just walked right in and joined her! She was rather surprised, but she let me stay and then towel dried me. Dad also tried to hand strip me yesterday - he did a pretty good job for an amateur. Hand stripping wiry coats like mine is not a piece of cake!

Woohoo, Rose the petsitter is coming over today...I look forward to her visits, sure breaks the monotony of being confined in the frigging laundry room all day!


Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I was rather incorrigible yesterday. I pooped and peed all over the house - and in front of Mom's friend from work, Lynne. I am also pretty hyper and have discovered what fun it is to mount mom's leg. Mom and Dad got tired of my exuberance and put me in my laundry prison. God I hate that puppy gate! One day I will be big enough to jump over it, heh heh!

I read a horrid story out of Texas today. Texas - it would happen there!
"Some city officials in Jourdanton, Texas, are outraged that a public works supervisor ordered employees to drown six stray dogs at the city sewer plant, rather than having the animals properly euthanized. For punishment, the supervisor was ordered to attend classes with animal control officers. "

Talk about the punishment not fitting the crime! Classes? Bloody ridiculous. The bastard should have weights attached to his groin and flung in the nearest river. Let's see how he likes it!