Thursday, August 25, 2005

Message from Grandma

I just got an email from my grandma in South Africa! She writes:

Hi there Axel
This is from your S.A. Grandma who you will be seeing in exactly three weeks - can't wait. Just to tell you that I really think you are the best doggie blogger in the world - I love reading about your antics. Also, please tell your Mom that I was sorry to hear about the break-in across the road - I really thought that it is safer in the USA than in S.A. And, finally, please also tell your Mom that she needs to check some of your spelling - the word is 'embarrassing' not 'embarracing' ! But you are only a very little pup so sure your spelling will improve!

Lots of pats and kisses. xxxxxxxxxxx

Yes Grandma, you are right, my spelling sucks! But let me ask you this, how good are you at digging holes, dismembering shoes and licking your balls?

I thought so.


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