Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Challenge from Pip

Well, got an email from Grandma in South Africa today asking me if I was taking a sabbatical! Sabbatical? I don't think so. It would be more apt to call it a "banned from my computer room because of wedding stuff" situation. And friends, it's just getting worse.

Then I get an email from my friend Pip and his Mom Pat in Troy, NY telling me I am no longer the king of the blogs! Well, that almost reduced me to tears, only we canines can't cry, not outwardly anyway. Then I just got pissed. Who dares to challenge my blog supremacy - and to think we were contemplating a little vacation to Upstate NY to visit those fiends! Pip insists that a silly little dog named Cricket has usurped me because his blog has streaming video. Oh ye who succumb to the trappings of technological innovation! Does Cricket have my humor? Does he belong to the king of the canine breeds? Does he write as well as I do? I think not. You be the judge - I'm so confident of my position on the blog hierarchy, that I'm even giving you the link to Cricket's website:
Click here.

Well the weather is glorious again! And just in time for the Passover holidays! A few days ago, Mom took me to the Lincoln Memorial area of the park where many dogs gather between 5 and 7 PM and we all play off leash and have a jolly good time. So we were hanging out, when Mom noticed that one of the dog owners had a RAT on her shoulder. And no, I do not mean a Chihuahua, I mean a real RAT! Mom made a joke that I was born to hunt and kill rats, and that they better be careful that I don't sniff it out. She then added, "Gee, I hope he isn't carrying the plague." And as it turns out, the rat's name is PLAGUE! And can you believe he and his canine brother, a small mixed breed dog, are great pals, they even play together! I mentioned to Mom that I may like a rat sibling, but she said she'd sooner get an emu. Whatever that is.

Blanche the cat from next door has been making herself comfortable in my yard! Nearly every day when I go out there, she is there, soaking up the sun. And she is such an unfriendly puss! I don't have anything against cats per se, so I always approach Blanche in a friendly spirit but she hisses and claws at me and chases me around my own yard! Luckily Mom was on my side in thinking this was a huge hutzpah, to be mistreated on one's own property by a cat owned by the man responsible for having me wear the evil collar! So she shooed him away with the rake and that was the end of Blanche's visits. Though I suspect she still makes poopies in my yard!

Last night there were yummy smells coming from our kitchen as Mom was baking a "Blitz Tart" - another South African confection. I was fascinated to watch them beat up the poor eggs until they were scared STIFF, and Dad helped Mom out with the metric conversions as it was a SA recipe. Boy it turned out great - picture two round cakes topped with merangue and cemented together with whipped cream. I sure hope I get a piece! Mom and Dad tease me about being a little fatso and eating too many snacks! What can I say, I do love my snacks, I'm Ax Snax after all.

Tomorrow I am going for my behavioural consult at the Doggy Day Care I will be going to over the dreaded wedding weekend. Apparently they have to make sure I'm sociable and friendly. God humans can be so silly. Maybe I'll play a trick on them and growl and bite so I get rejected and then Mom and Dad will be forced to include me in the wedding! Heh Heh.