Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nine Days 'til Chanukah!

How do you like my hat everyone? Remember the Christmas hat that Winston was modelling in an early post? Well, as a Jewish dog, I am so happy I found this cool Chanukah hat!

Not much news today. The weather outside is gruesome - snow, icy and sooo cold. Can you believe, I haven't even felt like escaping today? Even if I had the desire to though, I have to say Mom and Dad are being super careful everytime they open the door. When it gets warmer they'll probably forget...humans don't seem to have very good memories! I recall them swearing they would not raise a beggar who eats people food...haha, you should see them now! I get to taste everything from popcorn to Mom's tea!

I want to congratulate my smooth pal Huckleberry who came runner-up in a story competition! His Mom is Adrianne, and they live together in WA. Read the amazing story of how Adrianne rescued Huckleberry and how they became soulmates!

Today my friend Dean-O in Montreal, also let me know that a story about the Blainville WFTs appeared in their paper today under the header: After the nightmare, dogs find love

It's all about the wonderful Elizabeth Pierce (pictured right with a wiry friend) and the amazing people who have come forward to foster the surviving dogs. We get to read about HoneyBee again, who although has presented many challenges to her owner Elisabeth, Elisabeth is not willing to give up on her charge. Quite simply, she loves her.

In the article, we finally get to know the name of the horrible man who left these beautiful dogs in neglect and treated them so abusively. Remember this name: Marc-Andre Laporte. I wish I knew how to make one of those voodoo dolls - I would get pleasure sticking a few pins into it. The article describes how Laporte, has refused to release what he calls his "best breeders" in the hope of breeding them again.
"We all hope the man will never get the dogs back, but there's an outside chance a judge will rule it's his livelihood," said a member of the Montreal SPCA.

This man should NEVER be allowed to own a dog again, and furthermore, he should sit in jail until he rots.
By the way, anyone reading this - please take a minute to thank the reporter, Cheryl Cornacchia for writing this article. It is my hope that it will garner a reaction from the dog-loving, decent Canadians who read it. Cheryl's email is: