Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Middle "Name" and a Cunning Plan

I was tagged by too many wirey friends to mention by name to tell you what my second name is!
I guess as my full name is Axel G Chocholoza Meersand-Slon - I kinda have two middle names. The "G" was bestowed upon me in honor of Mom's very first WFT called Georgie. Mom adored Georgie - she often tells me stories of how Georgie would chase lizards, eat bees, fight the neighbor's dogs through holes in the wall, and most of all, spend lots of time in Mom's family's swimming pool. Mom grew up in South Africa where pools are common - I sure envy Georgie, I have never even swum in a real pool, and I'm two already! Here is a photo of Georgie doing what she loved best:

My other middle name is quite a mouthful to pronounce - Cho-cho-loza is how you say it. Dad can't even say it properly. Mom laughs at him. Mom only uses my full name when she is angry with me! Chocholoza means "sweet little thing" in the South African native black language known as Tswana, spoken by the Batswana people. Mom was very fortunate to be raised by a nanny named Tina, and Tina called Mom her Chocho and often sung to her, a song by the very same name. Mom sings it to me now, but she can't remember all the words...

So there you have it...but sorry, I'm not going to spell out what each letter stands's just too long! I haven't got all day, you know!

But boy, a maltese poodle named Trouble sure does have all day to do anything! And I mean anything. The lucky pooch just netted $12 million left to her in a will by her owner Leona Helmsley! How many Wellness Wellbars and Dingoes could I buy with $12 million? Anyone want to figure that out for me or is it too depressing? I have a cunning plan. Yo, Asta in NYC - try to seek out Trouble and be her friend, then we can divvy up $12 million worth of snacks!! What do you think???

This is going to be my penultimate blog entry for quite a while. I go to my temporary family on Friday night. I am quite nervous, I've been sniffing in Mom and Dad's suitcases and staying close to them both. I know I will be very happy with Ricky Pepper's family, but like anything new, it's a little scary at first...the good news is that you can keep up with my antics by visiting their blog! Mom is very happy about that!