Thursday, January 29, 2009

Big Thank You from Mom

Mom is dictating the following message:

Dear Friends,
Thank you for all the wonderful well wishes received via Ax's blog. I am deeply appreciative of all the kind, encouraging words.
Today I feel so much better I am almost ready to do a jig! I have been eating a lot and today at my check up was happy to hear I had gained back 5 pounds! I am half way there!

Unfortunately, tomorrow Ax has to go to the vet as instead of eating my snacks, he has taken to eating his leg and tail!

{What??? hang on Mom...I'm not writing that....argh! Ok, yeah, so I've made a big mess of my leg and tail - it's red, sore and swollen and hurts like hell...I didn't mean to do such a good job on myself, I just got nervous with you being hoo....}

Anyway, he definitely needs antibiotics and I fear he might get the dreaded collar if he can't leave his skin alone....

So thank you everyone from near and far and all the virtual nursies who have done a very fine job getting me back to strength....I hope to go back to work part time next week and get stronger every day!


Ok, I'm not adding anything to Mom's post, I'm a bit miffed that she thinks I enjoyed eating my leg and tail! Not so. I couldn't help it. I'm a very very sensitive guy.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mom Sick

Just letting you know I haven't been blogging cos Mommy has been pretty sick. She just came home from a 5-day stay in the hospital as a result of a very bad virus that affected her breathing so that she almost had respitory failure. She was very scared but is doing better now and I'm glad she is home. Any wires who can offer some nursing assistance, please drop by and bring food as Mom has lost almost 10 pounds and she was little to begin with! I promise I will not eat food designated for Mom. (Well, I'll try).

AGC Chief RN.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Totally Off Topic - But I Like Music with a Message

Hey All,
So let's take a break from talking about hot spots and doggie issues and let's turn to world issues. Mom has been very upset by the war going on in Gaza and we all pray every night before we go to sleep that the madness will end and peace will one day come to the Middle East. But I tell Mom there is about as much chance of that happening, as there is of me turning into a cockapoo overnight.

So I found this very inspiring, upbeat and optimistic video on Youtube that I want to share with all of you tonite - so turn up your speakers and clap your paws and spread this message of reconciliation and hope!

Part-time peace activist, full-time snack fiend.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Of Crocodiles and Crazy Boo

Well much has happened in the last week.

First, the Crocodile (pictured right with us) finally arrived. Crocodile is Mom's great old friend who was visiting from South Africa. Her real name is Suzie but Mom's Dad gave her the nickname Croc many years ago because she is very tall and long. Mom's nickname is Mouse because, well, she is the opposite of the Croc - she is small and squeaky. Heh heh.

So Suzie came to visit us for four days - so not only did we have a crazy pup named Boo with us, we had a Croc too. Luckily the Croc loves dogs though she is partial to labs and retrievers...but we were great ambassadors for our breed and she now loves Wires too.

We were on our best behaviour...well, I was...Boo kept playfully attacking me...

Let me tell you, that pup drove me nuts much of the time...he is crazy. He loves to play but gets a bit carried away sometimes and never stops. I like to play too, but I like to snooze as well and often the only way I could do that, was to beg the parents to put him in his crate. Sometimes I had to fiercely defend myself against him but I never snapped ever...I just had to give him a certain look, and he'd get the message...well, for about 3 seconds!

Can you believe that's me? You don't often see that side of me - I'm a mellow, gentle type of guy.

So Croc and Boo had a bit of a love affair. Boo mistook her for a pillow and loved to cuddle with her. I didn't mind, I just appreciated the break! Don't they look cute?
Boo is a funny character, especially when he was asleep. Just look at him sleeping in his crate (grinning in his sleep!) and on my couch:

Anyway, so yesterday, Mom, Dad and me drove Boo to Maryland where he will be living with dear friends M and S and their furkids Mackie, Finn and Ollie, who are charged with finding him his new home. I got to play with Finn and Ollie and check out their lovely house and huge yard - and then I wished Boo well and said farewell.

As you know, I, Axel G Chocholoza, am always honest, so I am not going to lie on my blog and say that I was heartbroken, bereft and in a state of abject despair to say goodbye to Boo. I enjoyed his company and having him as my playmate most of the time - but he was too hyper for me and sometimes his need to wrestle and play was too much for me. I was always patient and never once hurt the fella, but there were times where he really tried my patience. And, I am not ashamed to admit, I love my Mom and Dad, and did not enjoy sharing them with another dog. I also love my home and park and friends - it was hard to share all these things with Boo, though I never once openly revealed these feelings while he was with us. I was always gentlemanly and generous. I even shared my waterbowl, food and treats! Afterall, I am unique!

After we got back from Maryland - I fell into a most delicious slumber, free at last of the stress of having Boo about and having to entertain him.
And I had special one on one huggies/snooze with Dad...

I wish Boo only the very best life with a very loving family. I guess that means, I wish Boo everything that I have.