Saturday, July 30, 2005

Ow, my butt aches!

Had my first vet visit today. The stupid receptionist had the gall to look at me and ask my dad: "what mixed breed is Axel?" Well Dad didn't like that comment! He valiantly defended my impressive pedigree, while mom looked on amused. Even after explaining my ancestory, the silly woman said, "ok, so he's a Jack Russel?" I mean how much insult can I be expected to take? First a mutt, and then a JR?

I'm feeling kind of woozy tonite - mom and dad tell me it's from the two shots I got by my butt. That was no fun, and nor do I enjoy getting my nails clipped. Plus the cats in the waiting room creeped me out!

I just read a heartwarming doggie do-gooder story online. Joshua, an autistic boy with two golden retrievers who help calm him, almost had to give them up when his family moved across country and the airlines wouldn't take the dogs due to the heat in the cargo area. So unhappily, Joshua's mom put the dogs up for adoption via an autism website. But lo and behold, "A woman from Du Bois in Clearfield County told them, Your dogs are coming with you.
And so this morning, Trikzy and Daisy will begin the first leg of a three-part trip involving volunteers from two states who will eventually take the pair to their new home in what they call a doggie relay. " These nice folks are taking turns driving the dogs to Phoenix. Ahhh, what a great story! Makes my tail wag...

Good night,