Friday, March 09, 2007

Back to My Old Self

Thanks everyone for the nice messages left on my blog wishing me well. Boy, I was pretty sick for 48 hours. I think I threw up about 15 times over the course of Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. It was awful, Mom and Dad didn't sleep, and by dawn I was so weak I was just dry heaving where I lay, exhausted. Dad took me off to the vet first thing Wednesday and to be honest, I was happy to go, I felt that bad. The vet took xrays of my belly in case I'd swallowed something nasty that was stuck; and took blood from my neck. I didn't even cry. In the end, he couldn't find anything obviously wrong, and thought I must have eaten something bad in the park or something. I got two shots and some pills, and went home and slept for hours. By evening, I felt much better, ate some chicken and slept some more. By Thursday morning I was ready to go back out to play with my pals!

Here is a pic of me and my pal Elvis with Dad in the snow (photo courtesty Elvis's Mom P). Yep, it snowed again this week - actually Dad drove me to the vet in whiteout conditions!

Those Airedale people are at it again - sewing magnificent Airedale themed quilts and giving it away as a fundraiser. Mom will be sending off her entries for sure - she would like nothing more than to win that quilt! Click to
to see the quilt. Please support Airedale rescue!

Speaking of Airedales, I would like to introduce two new cyber pals - TobyWFT and Foster Granny'dale TommiGirl who belong to their Hooman, Rita. What a sweet looking pair. I hope one day to have an Airedale brother or sister too!

Finally, Miss Amelia's daddy Phillip sent me this awesome link - click here and you will see images of the cutest Wire Fox Terrier hand puppet you ever saw. It is about 50 years old. If I had it, I would give puppet shows to all my friends in the park - I would call it
The Adventures of "Axel G Chocholoza - The Greatest Show on Earth!"