Friday, August 03, 2007

Solutions to Itchies: the Good and the Silly

So I'm still itching despite trying to wash my paws in that Nizoral shampoo (it did seem to help for a while) and giving me Benedryl. Mom and Dad are at their wits end. I'm keeping them up at night with my noisy scratching or biting.

So the parents came up with DRASTIC SOLUTION #1 (suggsted by my wiry pal Gussie - gee thanks pal!):
Socks on a fox? I think not. Gus's Mom did recommend baby socks, but none were available and they were desperate. So they used Dad's long socks. Dad figured that if they were over my "elbows", I'd be less able to take them off.

Well, I think you'll agree that that was a really stupid idea. I sat still for about 15 minutes too afraid to walk or move. Then I jumped off my couch and got them off in under 10 seconds. I figured if I stood on the end and walked forward, they would fall off. I was right!!

As DRASTIC SOLUTION #1 was a dismal failure, the parents came up with DRASTIC SOLUTION #2: Give the dog a bone!

Now friends I'm sure it will come as no surprise when you hear that this was pretty successful for about TWO whole hours. I forgot my itchies and tucked in to this yummy marrow bone.

I think the parents are intending to shampoo my paws again tonite as they are both red and swollen...that's ok with me as long as they don't put me back in socks!!!


Just when you think you've had the worst haircut in the world...

Thanks to my pals Bobby and Emmy from St. Paul, MN for sending me this photo of a poor wiry girl named Maggie with a WORSE haircut than mine!

Friends - look at that tail!!! What was the groomer thinking? Maybe he wasn't thinking due to the absence of a BRAIN. Or maybe her previous owner thought she bought a poodle and not a wire?

Bobby and Emmy found Maggie on Petfinder. She is only 4 years old and in need of a loving forever home. She is located in Ohio. If you can offer Maggie love (and better grooming) - please click to her Petfinder profile.