Thursday, January 05, 2006

Good Humans...

I have been so busy that I have scarcely had time to read all the papers piling up in the corner of our livingroom, but this morning with nothing much else to do, I finally caught up on the important news.

I know for weeks I've been bitching about the cruel humans who hurt the Blainville and Missouri wires and the some of the Chinese and Amish people who treat their animals so abyssmally. Well, of course, most humans are not like that, and I was delighted to find two stories in today's news that make my point.

How about the man who lived with his dog in an Atlanta trailerpark? He was so caring of his best buddy, that he attempted to heat his kennel for him: "The 45-year-old man had been trying to keep his dog warm by running an extension cord to an electric blanket inside the dog house. The blanket may have overheated, sparking the blaze which killed both the dog and the homeowner." This story brings tears to my (less pink) eyes...

In another heartwarming story up north in Canada, a couple are looking for a brave Russian man who rescued their 2 year-old golden retriever who fell through the ice and nearly drowned:
Ms. Coward decided to let the dog run loose in the park. Rae was more in the mood for a swim. The moment she was off her leash, Rae jumped the stone embankment, landed on the thin ice and fell into the frigid water. With no one in sight, Ms. Coward ran up a small hill to look for help. She saw two men out for a Christmas day stroll -- until she found out they could not speak English. After trying to explain, one of the men pointed to himself and said "'Russian.'""He stripped off his clothes, including his socks, down to his undergarments. And without my sister saying anything, he started crawling out across the ice to go get her."

The Russian man nearly lost his life, but managed to save Rae the dog and himself, but he didn't stick around to be thanked! Now Ms. Coward (funny name for a story like this) is looking for this brave soul to thank him! This is a true hero, one who does a life threatening act for another being, and then doesn't wait around to be thanked or praised.

Spaciba (that's Russian for Thanks!) Mr Russian, you are a good man! Ms. Coward, any wire owner could tell you it isn't the greatest idea to let your dog off leash in an icy park....heh heh.

Not much else to tell you today...just the same ol', same ol' existence of barking, playing with my friends, cuddling my Mom and Dad and being a naughty rascal!