Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pant Pant, it's HOT

Boy, Summer sure is here. It's 92F today and it feels awfully HOT in my wiry fur coat. Dad bless him went out and bought me a small pool today so I could cool off. It's not like I can really swim in it, but I did enjoy walking in the cold water, eating the floating bugs. I also loved jumping in the water and then going to sit on mom's lap and soaking her clothes, haha.

A while ago Huckleberry sent me a birthday gift, a gorgeous Tshirt that says, "The Bitches Love Me." I'm not too fond of wearing clothes, but I loved this gift, so I put it on last night and did a bit of a fashion show. Don't I look like a stud?

I reckon it's back to the pool now, I'm starting to pant again!