Monday, August 15, 2005

Holy Crap, that is UGLY!

Meet Sam, a 14-year-old pedigreed Chinese crested, and a three-time champ in the World's Ugliest Dog Contest.

He looks like a decrepid old ET gone very wrong. How could he possibly be pedigreed?
I'm going to have nightmares tonight....ewwww!


Of Motherhood and Show Dogs

Mazel tov to Izzie who gave birth to 3 dogs and one bitch! Isn't this a beautiful picture of family? Izzie lives in England - she's an English lassie! (No, not that Lassie!). Hard to believe I was that small barely 3 months ago (I'll be 3 months on the 17th August!)

I haven't decided whether I want to be a show dog or not. But I did enjoy seeing these two sweet gals parading at the Longview show in Texas on the weekend. They were competing in the 6-9 month age group. I'd like to go to a show, if for nothing else than to meet some hot bitches!