Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Exhausting Life

Yesterday my friend the UPS man arrived with a new package. When Mom opened it, it turned out to be a sofa cover intended to spare our couch from further terrier stains/damage. But silly Mom, did she not realize my curiousity would be spiked by this new addition to my territory? I promptly began to dig at it to test its durability and by so doing, made some beautiful holes in it. Really pretty ones. Then I noticed it had tassles on the end, so that provided me with endless entertainment, pulling and biting them. I also wanted to test its preservation properties - so I buried some of my biscuits in the corners so I could eat them later.

I am not sure why, but Mom and Dad looked at each other and said, "Well, there goes $40 down the drain. I give the cover another week before it looks like the shredded toilet paper all over the house." I don't have a clue what they were talking about.

Later, the same evening, Dad emerged from the basement with this odd looking combination of stick and strings. He sat on my couch and proceded to pull at the strings, and would you believe, some strange noise came out of it! Wow, intriguing! So much stimulation in one night - first my new couch cover and then this thing Dad referred to as a guitar. The noise made my ears hurt, but at least Dad didn't sing!

About 6 weeks ago, Dad bought me a huge bag of Solid Gold puppy biscuits, and last night as he was preparing my nightly repast, I was horrified to see him tip the whole bag into my dish and then he folded it up and put it in the trash can! Well I can't have Dad throw out my biscuits, so I grabbed the bag out the trash and dragged it into the livingroom and promptly began investigating the insides of the bag! There were no biscuits in there!!! How can that be and what am I going to eat tomorrow?? I'm worried, I think I might have an anxiety attack!

Well as you can imagine, I was completely zonked by the end of the evening what with the new objects in my territory and the stress of worrying about my next meal, that I fell into a deep sleep while dreaming I was a frozen chicken in a supermarket freezer.

Yeah, I know, not the most becoming of poses...don't hold it against me Miss Amelia! I was strung out! You see life can get exhausting for us terriers - there is always so much out there to investigate or destroy. Ask my English friend Tilly -- like me she was so tired, she found a perfect spot amongst her Mom's clean and toasty laundry, curled up and went to the land of nod.

I hate to end on a sad note, but you see I'd like to pay tribute to another dear wirey friend who passed over rainbow bridge recently. I like to think that Tucker and Rocky are playing together over there. Tucker (Nottingham's Merry Man) passed on October 23, he was only 8. In a moving email, his Mom Melissa describes him: "What a huge heart, all the intelligence, he performed in the show ring.. how he mastered the agility course and got through the earthdog tunnels so quickly... how he loved and cared for my Mom through her battle with Alzheimers..and marched like an official pallbearer behind her casket with utmost respect, how he helped me with every single task, how he loved his he cared about everyone and made everyone smile... "

I send his Mom, Dad and big sister Frieda my deepest sympathy over their difficult loss. He sure sounded like one special fella!