Monday, November 21, 2005

How Much is that Doggie in the Window? (and yes, I do have a curly tail, don't rub it in!)

I bet many of you wonder what I do all day while Mom and Dad are at work...Well, here is a pictorial answer for you. I sit in our front window, on my couch perch and protect our house from any passers-by. I also sit and wait for Mom or Dad to show up, and when I see them out the window, I go ballistic!!!

By the way, if you are wondering what is in my, I am not becoming one of those native Africans that stretch their lips with tribal jewelery! That is one of the treats I got from Dad yesterday after they came home from the Philadelphia Dog Show. I don't know what it is...I need to walk around with it for a while in my mouth, and then bury it in the sofa for a while, before I'm ready to eat it. That way I savor the experience. Mom and Dad told me there was only ONE wire and ONE smoothy at the show! They are pretty cute though. I could smell them on Mom when she got home...hope she wasn't hugging them too much!

There were (apparently) many other sorts of dogs at the show, you can see a few of them by clicking here.

Well, I have two new friends to introduce you to today, Smitty and Ares. And they both happen to be modeling the latest in winter canine wear! Ares lives with his Mom Kelli in Virginia. Ares has a big brother Airdale Zeuss whom he gives a hard time by pulling his beard then running around back and biting his behind. OW! His Mom writes that, "Ares is game for anything you might want to do EXCEPT riding in the car. He would rather die than get in that thing." Are you nuts Ares, I love the car?! Try sticking your head out the window, it's such an awesome rush!!

Smitty, pictured below in a fleece jogging suit no less, lives with his Mom Joanne in Albany, NY where I think it gets pretty cold. Man, I dig that jogging outfit. I gotta get myself one. Boy would all the bitches flock to me then! Bet Miss Amelia would be on the first plane from Washington State to come see me if I sported one of those! Hey Mom, isn't Chanukah coming up soon...need any gift ideas!? You just got one!

Remember a while ago I started a new blog segment called, "Take Me Home!" - wherein I highlighted foxies like myself, who needed forever homes? Well, I have two sweet foxies, one smooth and one wiry, to tell you about.
First there is Sally (right), a 9 year old, wiry, spayed female. She was found in an animal shelter and brought to Fox Terrier Rescue. Sally is the sweetest little girl. She is non-agressive with other dogs. And then there is Jacki (left), the Smooth Fox Terrier, who is only a year old and spayed. She seems fine with other dogs, cats and kids, but she hates being crated or left alone.
If you can offer these fine gals a forever home, or know someone who can, please go to, and select Southern California - that is where these foxies are waiting for you.

Finally, on a merry note...I did a devilish deed this morning. Mom was making her lunch for work, a big turkey hoagie! It smelled so good, when she wasn't looking, I jumped up against the counter and managed to grab it and run to the living room! Heh heh! Boy was she mad at me...she managed to catch me and take away that tantalizing meal. I saw her put it in the trash, and all I got for breakfast was the usual Solid Gold biscuits and Pedigree ground beef! Why can't Mom understand that I was simply getting into the Thanksgiving turkey mood!?