Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Philanthropy Rocks!

I have decided what I want to be when I grow up! A philanthropist!
As you will recall, I won October Dog of the Month on My prize was a $25 gift voucher for the website, and in the giving spirit, I decided to donate my prize to the Fox Terrier Network who go to great lengths to help my fellow foxies in need. I selected a Puppy Puzzle toy and sent it to the Network to use as a prize for an upcoming fundraiser. I never knew it could feel this good to give up my prize! Mom says if she wins the Powerball tonight ($200 something million), she too will become a philanthropist and together we could realize our dream of making the world a better place!

What fabulous creatures we terriers are, just read this story in the news today:

A young Jacksonville, Fla., boy found the abandoned squirrel last month. He named it "Chipper." The boy's terrier, which is named "Pepper," started following her instincts and mothered the squirrel. Now Pepper, who hasn't had puppies in four years, is producing milk again. She is nursing Chipper back to health and even grooms her newest friend.

So it seems that some terriers befriend and mother squirrels rather than hunting and killing them. Hmm, interesting. Pepper is probably not a pure bred terrier! Ha!

Things are solemn in our house today as it is Yom Kippur tonight when Mom (and maybe Dad) will be fasting from sunset to sunset tomorrow. I thankfully, will not! Mom is cooking a rather bland looking chicken to eat before the fast - if I was about to fast, I'd eat three chickens, a dozen potatoes and a pint of ice cream! I doubt Dad will fast, he can't live without his Coke!


PS No blogging for me tomorrow - I will respect my folks and Yom Kippur and refrain...