Monday, November 03, 2008

Do What Mom Can't Do!

(Thanks to our friend Amelia for the cute pic)

Mom is very miffed that permanent residents (green card holders) in the USA do not have the right to vote. She says it is not fair - she isn't going anywhere (well, actually that's not true - if Geezer and Dingbat win tomorrow - she will be looking for continent #4 to move to - Australia or Canada?) - she should get to voice her opinion on who should serve as President of America.

We'll be crossing paws here tomorrow that everyone goes and casts their vote undetered by record lines at polling stations. Mom well remembers the incredible lines in the first democratic elections in South Africa in 2004 - they were so long, they had to extend voting by another day. Here is one pic from that momentous day:

Peace to all.