Friday, October 07, 2005

Wires on the Hunt

It has come to this.

We wires were born to hunt. We are convinced that all those dashing little critters were put on earth just for our sport and enjoyment!

I have heard from many of my friends out west what fun it is to chase possums - I alas, have yet to even see one. Being an urban wire, the only critters I ever get to see are squirrels and the occasional rabbit, but Mom and Dad keep a close eye on me and stop me from going after them. So dear friends, I am left to attack silly scarecrows which aren't much challenge as they don't seem to move.

I think it's time that our parents out there stop trying to prevent us from having a bit of fun! We were born to hunt, so for crying out loud, LET US! Who cares if the neighbors complain? if we stink from skunk spray? or if we decimate the wildlife of America population?

Below is a picture of my pals Woody and Amelia who are on alert for squirrels. Just look at that intense concentration friends! And don't they look grand in their jumperz?

Now I'm not sure if there is much wildlife in the cold climes of Canada - probably everything is hibernating up there? Our pal Colby saw snow for the first time this week and looks to be having a simply frolicking time cavorting in the icy whiteness. My theory is, he too is on the hunt...looking for that abominable snowman! I'll have to add that species to my wanted list!

I can't wait to discover snow too! Mom and Dad hate the cold, especially Mom who grew up in sunny South Africa where the last time they had snow was on September 10, 1980! That's how rare it is down there, everyone remembers the date it fell! I can't wait to get all cold and wet and run through the house! Ha, reminds me, yesterday I grabbed my water bowl and dragged it under Mom and Dad's bed, spilling water as I went!

Anyway, I'm going to sit on my couch perch and see if I can spot anything worth hunting. Here in the city, my only real live prey I ever see is the mailman!

Have a great weekend! Mom and Dad are off to the Terrier Show on Sunday - they hope it doesn't get rained out. I don't really care...I want it to rain so they stay home with me!