Thursday, January 19, 2006

Chicken Thief

Did I really lose my balls this week? It's hard to believe they are not between my legs anymore, because I feel as good as new. As right as rain. As wiry and firey as ever! Mom and Dad are trying to keep me calm and demure, but it's a hard job! I feel great, so I don't see why I have to take it easy!

Last night, acting on a tip from my pals Cappy & Kaiser, I got very excited to see Mom cooking a small chicken, called a cornish hen, for dinner. I thought, wow Cappy & Kaiser were right - I'm getting my post operative chicken and rice meal!

Now Mom and Dad think they are so smart, they always try to barricade me in the kitchen while they eat out in the livingroom by the TV. I know to expect this, so I make sure I remain on the couch while they are dishing up their dinners. Boy do they try everything to coax me into the kitchen - bits of food, sweet talk, promises of dingo chews....but nothing could lure me there knowing what was about to enter the livingroom. So, heh heh, they gave up and brought their hen to the living room. I then sprang into action, making my cutest, most appealing facial expressions, laying a paw on Mom's lap (she is much more of a pushover than Dad is!) and licking my lips with gusto. But heck, none of it was working! Mom gave me a few cooked carrots which were tasty, but I wanted chicken damn it.

Then fate intervened!

Near the end of the meal, the door bell rang and Dad jumped up to answer it. It was the water dept to tell us they were repairing a main on the next street over.

Quick as a flash, I made a lunge for Dad's plate and grabbed what was left of the chicken and sprinted off to the kitchen! For a 40 year old, Dad is quite spritely - he tackled me and pulled most of the tasty treat from my mouth, but not before I swallowed some of it. They tried to act angry, but I can tell when they are fibbing -- I could see their expressions and the look they gave eachother as they called me a naughty thief. It said - "Hurray, our little guy Axel is fully recovered from surgery! hip hip hurray!"


PS I had an email from Tilly - the lassie featured yesterday hunting rats in a hedge. She wants everyone to know that, "We have chickens and unfortunately in the winter when you've got chickens you get rats ! Thankfully they are well away from the house. My parents daren't put poison down as apart from the fact that it is a horrible way for them to die, and the dead rats can be eaten by other animals, we all know that wires like us will eat anything. Consequently, my folks are trying to evict them in other ways!
It also seems that Tilly is not the only wiry gal who enjoys a good dirty chase. Check out Libby in her post chase hoe down - or is that hose down?