Thursday, December 08, 2005

My First Home Playdate

Last night Mom took me out for a walk as usual when she got back from work. It was really cold outside, so I knew it was going to be a brief march around the block! But then we ran into Ohren (apologies for misspelling his name earlier) the Shephard and his Mom Rebecca. Both Moms were moaning about the cold, and then were struck with a genius idea: why don't we head indoors and play there?

Ohren came over to my house! My very first guest! I could tell Mom was a little worried that I might get territorial on Ohren or that we would run wild and destroy the house. Oh ye Mom of little faith! Don't you know me yet? I love to play and play and am never agressive with my good pals! Ohren and I had a blast in the yard (mainly eating the snow together) and then we came indoors and wrestled on the couch! We even fooled around with Dad. And we both munched on kibble from my food bowl together - how cool is that!

I was very sorry when Ohren left, but I was in luck! Rebecca lost the key to her house while out walking, so back they came and we got to play a while longer! Mom told me we would definitely have more playdates in the future! Yippee!

I have other happy news! Remember I mentioned the 10 year old bitch whose elderly Mom died and she was left homeless? Well I found out today her name is Dusty and Mackie's Mom Melissa wrote to tell me that she has found a new home with a wonderful new family in Myrtle Beach, SC. Hooray!

Mom is taking me to Petsmart on the weekend to pick out gifts for my wiry friends in Montreal. I insisted that we ONLY go to Petsmart as they are going to be donating money to the Montreal SPCA through their charity, so I feel it is very important to support them. Good works must be rewarded with firm loyalty and support always.

I have another silly human story to tell you today. I read in the paper today that "a disabled California woman has racked up $1,600 in condo association fines because she can't carry her dog through her building's lobby. The Long Beach condominium association charges Pamela McMahan $25 each time she takes her mixed-breed spaniel through the lobby to go for a walk. Condo rules say pets have must be carried, but McMahan, 61, uses a cane because of a back injury 10 years ago and can't lift her 20-pound pet. McMahon said she has paid $600 in fines, but enough is enough. "

I would say so! I've never heard of such silliness and stupidity! What does the condo expect this poor disabled woman to do - let her spaniel pee/poop in her flat? I am just about ready to explode with indignation at the injustice and backwardness of this condo association. It irks me that Ms McMahan paid them a single cent. The condo people should be tied to a stake in their fancy shmancy lobby and have all the resident male dogs lift their legs and piss on them! I will happily join in if it can be arranged!