Friday, February 08, 2008


I was fast asleep on the couch when I heard mom SCREAM. I got a big ugly fright. Then I saw mom grinning from ear to ear. A smile wider than any I'd ever seen before lit up her narrow face.

"Axie Pax, We did it!!" she yelled.

The crazy woman tried to lift me in her arms (fat chance mom!) and do a jig, gave up and did a private jig by herself around the coffee table.

"We exceeded our goal of 10,000 signatures Axie Pax, can you believe that??!! 10,000 people said No More Dogs for Marc Andre Laporte!"

Then I understood her joy. I felt this feeling of intense joy creep from the tip of my tail all the way to my little black nose. It was a wonderful feeling folks! I thought of Bingo and of Honeybee and all the survivors of Laporte's hell, and of all the wonderful people who cared for those wounded dogs and all the special people who answered our call to sign the petition, and of our relentless partner in this campaign Christine and Dean-O in Montreal. And it was a very special moment indeed.

We will be printing out the petition and our dear friend Elizabeth will be presenting it to Judge Sirois at Laporte's hearing on February 22.

Stay tuned...we will of course update you as to the outcome.

A great big thank you to everyone out there who helped us attain this awesome accomplishment.

AGC and one happy Mom