Thursday, February 16, 2006

Reflection and Perplexion

I am now typing on Dad's laptop in front of the TV while Mom picks up all my toys that are strewn about the house. I try blog without her knowing...I have the laptop on my perch, so she thinks I'm looking out the window...heh heh. Mom has the Olympic skating on TV. It's kind of boring seeing men in sparkly costumes sliding about. I would like to try skating some time, I wonder if they make skates for dogs. Given my name, I bet I'd excel at triple Axels! The Olympics and the Westminster dog show aren't really all that different - except the dogs don't wear sequins or use their bodies as walking advertising billboards.

Last night I caused great perplexion (is that a word Mom?) in the household. I went upstairs to sleep with Mom, and didn't move a muscle until morning when I jumped on Dad and licked his face to take me out. Now the parents are wondering why I didn't bark as I usually do when I am not in my crate. Haha, I do it on purpose - I think it keeps them young!

Tonight Dad is out at a friend, so I'm alone with Mom. At one point she went upstairs and turned the bath water on. I was a bit surprised, surely not another bath for me! But then Mom got in!! I went beserk - it looked fun and I wanted to swim with Mom! I tried my utmost to jump in, but just couldn't do it. Mom was laughing at me and frankly, taunting me. She threw water in the air and wet my snoot! I got her back when she got out, I grabbed her towel and took off down the stairs!

I read in the paper today that a whippet who was at Westminster escaped out of her crate at JFK airport! An obvious case of fear of flying post 9/11! Poor Vivi, I don't think they found her yet and they called off the search. What a mystery - was she kidnapped? She is reportedly worth over $100,000. Is there a thieves market for whippets? I just hope if she was stolen that she is being treated well. Her poor owner...let's all hope she is found soon. I just hope before she ran away she raided some luggage for a warm winter coat - it's cold in NYC and whippets don't have wiry coats like my breed.

I'm wondering what to do tonite. Should I sleep again without barking to perplex the parents further, or should I risk barking and landing up in the crate? if you ever wondered what goes on in a dog's you know.