Friday, August 18, 2006

Just Call Me Britney!

Oops I did it again. I peed. This time on the carpet upstairs before Mom and Dad got up this morning. Dad stepped in it on his way to do his morning ablutions. I won't tell you what he wasn't becoming.

I blame the shot the vet gave me - it has cortisone in it and I just can't seem to hold my pee pee as long as before. But I'm sure it will wear off...

Anyway, today Mom and I went back to the Art Museum fountain to hang out and swim. I was the only dog in the fountain amongst many little kids who all insisted on petting me. I didn't mind, I'm a nice guy.

Here I am in the water:

And here I am after my swim. Boy do my legs look SKINNY!

Later we hung out with the neighbors - human (Di, Bill, George, Nico, Vince and even my nemesis Rex!) and canine (Grace, Kila, Faith, Sophie...) but then Mom shlepped me inside because she had to make dinner (yum, London broil!) so I had watch my friends from my window perch. Mom says she likes this picture but it shows how much my window needs a cleaning. Get to it Mother!

I think we're going to watch the last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight - I like doing a jig to the opening music tune..."doo doo doo, dee-dle-dee dee, deedle de dee, deedle-dee....." and the bald man makes me laugh.

Tomorrow I'm getting stripped! Oh boy.