Monday, October 17, 2005

Digging for Ghosts

You are probably wondering what the heck I am doing in the photo montage above.
Well, on Friday night, I became convinced that there was a ghost hiding somewhere amongst the couch cushions, so I started to dig right away. I must admit, I behaved like a dog possessed, nothing Mom and Dad could do would avert my attention away from my mission. They even took the cushions off the couch to show me nothing was there, but I was not convinced! I just know something was lurking down there! Eventually they forced me off the couch as they were afraid I would destroy it with my digging, and put me in a time out. Sometimes my parents are so clueless - I'm just trying to protect them! *sigh*

On Saturday we all went for a glorious walk on Lemon Hill as the sun finally came out! We found this cool, secret spot overlooking the Schukill river and watched the sculls racing on the water. Man, I would like to ride in a scull someday! The only crappy part of the walk was that I stumbled into a burr bush and got covered, so Mom had to painstakenly pick them out and when she lost patience, she just cut them out! Way to go Mom!

This piece of news made me almost throw up my breakfast as it brought on a sudden attack of giddiness:

Man and dog bounce to new record -- A new world record was set in Edinburgh after an American completed 206 jumps on a pogo stick in one minute. Shopkeeper Ashrita Furman carried out the attempt next to the statue of Greyfriars Bobby, while carrying a dog. The record breaker insisted the dog, which he carried in honour of the legendary terrier who stood guard by his master's grave, was unharmed.

Unharmed? Holy crap, my heart goes out to that poor hound - I can't imagine some freak clutching me while jumping up and down on a pogo stick 206 times in a minute! I bet if it had been a child with him everyone would have been up in arms! To break a record pogoing is one thing, but to inflict such craziness on a hapless beast is downright horrid! Humans can be so selfish and stupid sometimes! Makes me positively pissy!