Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Enemies Lurking in the Home

I received an email from Libby Longtail's mom yesterday telling me that Libby has taken to protecting her family from their new washing machine. Miss Longtail observed her mom doing the laundry and immediately noticed something was amiss.

"This new washing machine is a front-load model, with the little round window. Libby saw a wire fox terrier in the window! Every time she peeked, so did the wire fox in the washer. Every time she barked, it did, too! And it looked so much like Libby, it might sneak out of there one day and fool the family!"

Check her out on alert by the new appliance:

What a funny gal! Our machine is a top loader, so I am far more interested in our dryer. Everytime Mom transfers the wet laundry from the washer to the dryer, I see how many items of clothing I can snatch away and play with. This tends to infuriate my mom, who then sometimes goes chasing me around the house and ends up having to rewash the items. We go through the same fun game when the clothes are dry and she opens the door to fold and store them away. I have a particular penchant for socks and Mom's undies! Especially dirty ones!

Hey, Grandma arrives from South Africa early Friday...no news yet on whether I can ride along to JFK...Mom doesn't think our kind are welcomed at airports. There has been lots of activity in the house in preparation for our VIP guest - I even have a new bed to jump on! Can't wait to give licks and kisses to Grandma, and get my pressies! Woohoo!