Sunday, July 31, 2005

Watching the world go by

Today I learnt to jump up on top of the sofa and look out at the passing parade in front of our window. I saw Blanche the stuck up cat, and barked and barked at her. She looked up briefly with a "ooh I'm so scared of you little pipsqueak" expression on her face.

Mom just gave me a bath (again) cos she caught me in mid poop in the living room, picked me up (the indignity of it!) and took me outside. But in so doing, the poop got smeared on my bum and her arm. Ha, that will teach her!

I was looking forward to seeing "Must Love Dogs" with that cool John Cusack, but it got shit reviews...anyway, who am I kidding, we are banned from cinemas anyway - I'll have to rent it on video in a couple of months!


Saturday, July 30, 2005

Ow, my butt aches!

Had my first vet visit today. The stupid receptionist had the gall to look at me and ask my dad: "what mixed breed is Axel?" Well Dad didn't like that comment! He valiantly defended my impressive pedigree, while mom looked on amused. Even after explaining my ancestory, the silly woman said, "ok, so he's a Jack Russel?" I mean how much insult can I be expected to take? First a mutt, and then a JR?

I'm feeling kind of woozy tonite - mom and dad tell me it's from the two shots I got by my butt. That was no fun, and nor do I enjoy getting my nails clipped. Plus the cats in the waiting room creeped me out!

I just read a heartwarming doggie do-gooder story online. Joshua, an autistic boy with two golden retrievers who help calm him, almost had to give them up when his family moved across country and the airlines wouldn't take the dogs due to the heat in the cargo area. So unhappily, Joshua's mom put the dogs up for adoption via an autism website. But lo and behold, "A woman from Du Bois in Clearfield County told them, Your dogs are coming with you.
And so this morning, Trikzy and Daisy will begin the first leg of a three-part trip involving volunteers from two states who will eventually take the pair to their new home in what they call a doggie relay. " These nice folks are taking turns driving the dogs to Phoenix. Ahhh, what a great story! Makes my tail wag...

Good night,


Friday, July 29, 2005

Who Smashed Dad's Car?

Mom and Dad are very upset today. It seems some horrid human smashed into Dad's brand new SUV while it was parked overnight a few meters from our house. The whole right side is smashed in - what a mess. Now the car is gone for a week and Dad has to rent one so he can continue to work. They just paid a shitload to get me, and now they have to pay a $500 deductible eventhough this was none of their fault! I hope they don't think about giving me back for a refund to pay for this, EEK!

Tomorrow I believe I have to go to the vet for shots. Mom has to take some of my poop along for the doctor - how completely embarracing!!

Hey, I think I might be in love - her name is Moira and she's from Mississippi! Ain't she cute?

Yesterday I was so naughty - I pooped behind dad's computer, all over the cables when mom was doing work on her computer. Poor mom, she was so relaxed cos I'd just made a big poop outside...even I was surprised when the urge struck me again. Mom did not look happy as she spent about 10 minutes cleaning wires and muttering, 'devil dog' under her breath.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Kitty Kid

So I was reading the Jewish Exponent today - Mom gets it at work and brings it home for me to pee on - and I like to read the births, deaths and marriage notices while I do my biz. Anyway, so I'm looking in the births section, and I read this:

Mykali Bader announces the arrival of her little sister, Montara Catt Lylli (Matana Co-ach Lamdana).
Montara was adopted Jan. 20 in the Anhui Province of the People's Republic of China.

Montara is named in loving memory of the family cat, Melanie; women's-rights pioneer Carrie Catt; and her great-grandmother Lillian Stein.

Well, had I not already been pissing, I would have pissed myself silly. Imagine being named after a CAT! A dog I could maybe understand, but a cat! The parents better start saving up for therapy - a Chinese kid adopted by a Jewish fam and named after a cat. Oy.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton got a generous offer for his daughter. "A Kenyan says he offered Bill Clinton 40 goats and 20 cows for his daughter's hand in marriage five years ago -- and is still waiting for an answer."

To my mind, that's a pretty good deal - maybe the Kenyan should throw in a few wire terriers - that would seal the deal for sure.