Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years Resolutions

First of all. I am in love. Shhh, don't tell Miss Amelia - she might get mad! My new love is just a very wee gal (Miss Amelia is older than I am and I know that is in vogue...but I prefer them young and virginal), you met her on my blog last time. Her name used to be Spencer but she was rechristened Koobuss this week because her silly owners couldn't remember her name was Spencer. You see the wires they had before the wee gal were all called Koobus, so they just couldn't remember to call her something else. Humans are so weird. Here are the latest pictures:

I also wanted to share some cute photos of my two Californian pals - BigFoot Fletch (who is actually Miss Amelia's bro) and Maxie taken on Xmas morning - By the way, I know for a fact that their Mom is Jewish, so I'm not sure what's up with the dogs celebrating Xmas instead of Hanukkah. Remind me to ask them! Perhaps that is a Hanukkah bush in the background?

So we all made it to 2007! For a while there when the nasty nameless neighbor was reporting me to the cops, I thought I'd be locked up for good! On New Year's eve, I sat down in a very comtemplative mood and wrote down a few new years resolutions:

1. I will cut down on my consumption of treats
2. I will stop beating up Wiley, the bearded collie, in the dog park. I just can't stand him, damn it.
3. I will keep working on my barking so that I don't need to wear a bark collar
4. I will try not to hog the bed at night forcing Mom and Dad to shiver with no covers or worse, push Dad out of bed.
5. I will cut down on destroying anything with stuffing making our house look like the aftermath of a cotton candy assault.
6. I will blog more frequently
7. I will give Mom kisses. I only like to kiss Dad as he is the alpha and Mom is my servant.
8. I will not dive onto Mom or Dad's lap the second they put the car in park or unclick their seatbelts
9. I will not try to flee out the door everytime Mom or Dad try to leave the house
10. I will try my damnest to be a good boy (who am I trying to kid?)

Finally, here a story about a very stupid human from San Francisco:

A Burlington woman has been charged with trying to get painkillers from a drug store by using her dog's name. Kymberly Smith, 38, faces more than two dozen charges related to her alleged repeated attempts to fraudulently obtain painkillers at a Farmington pharmacy under her dog's name. Farmington police said Smith was a veterinary technician for several area veterinarians when she began using their ID number to call in prescriptions for herself under the name "Zack Smith."
I mean do you every hear stories of Dogs ordering Frontline in their humans' names? Just plain silly!