Friday, June 22, 2007

Can you give Oscar a forever home?

There is a sweet-boy rescue dog currently on the American Fox Terrier Rescue site named Oscar. He is more or less my age - two. As with all of the dogs listed there, they have been without forever homes too long.

Oscar hails from an Amish puppy mill in Southern Indiana. He is a very solid dog considering his origins. His fosters have found him to be friendly, yet somewhat stoic since he had been in a less than ideal environment. Oscar is now being fostered in Michigan.

Mom says he looks a lot like I do - especially in the picture of him in the greenery.

You can find out more about Oscar by clicking here . You can also contact Rita at or 269-345-3023.

I think Oscar would be the perfect brother for me...but our landlords only allow ONE dog in our house.