Sunday, July 31, 2005

Watching the world go by

Today I learnt to jump up on top of the sofa and look out at the passing parade in front of our window. I saw Blanche the stuck up cat, and barked and barked at her. She looked up briefly with a "ooh I'm so scared of you little pipsqueak" expression on her face.

Mom just gave me a bath (again) cos she caught me in mid poop in the living room, picked me up (the indignity of it!) and took me outside. But in so doing, the poop got smeared on my bum and her arm. Ha, that will teach her!

I was looking forward to seeing "Must Love Dogs" with that cool John Cusack, but it got shit reviews...anyway, who am I kidding, we are banned from cinemas anyway - I'll have to rent it on video in a couple of months!