Friday, December 16, 2005

In Disgrace

I am not in a very good mood this morning. I spent the night in my crate! I hadn't been in it since I was a wee pup months ago, and let me tell you, it by no means measures up to spending the night with Mom and Dad in their bed.

So why, you are most probably wondering, did I end up in this state of ignominy? I'm not proud to tell you that I peed on Mom and Dad's bed last night as we were preparing to go to sleep. I don't know why I did it. I just did, damn it. I had been out before bed with Dad in the pouring sleet, I'd even peed a few times...I'm just a dog, I don't pretend to understand how my uninary tract performs. All I know is that my pee soaked through two layers of bedding. Dad was downstairs at the time, and Mom was just getting into bed when she heard the undeniable sound of liquid emanating from my thingie. She screamed, "AXEL!" like a banshee out of hell and kept repeating that word she is so fond of "you bugger!" This time, there were a few more words added that I will not share with you, my more discriminating audience.

Dad heard Mom's shrieks and came upstairs. I gave him one of my cutest looks - thinking that once again he would crumble and not get too mad. Boy, I was wrong this time. He was steamed. He went straight down the hall, retrieved my crate and put me inside and bolted the door. He didn't even say anything, which made me feel worse.

Off came the top bedspread, and Mom tried to soak up the pee from the comforter - thankfully it hadn't permeated to the sheets. She then set about blow-drying it, all the while muttering something that I took to be obscenities. Once she got into bed, I started to whine and protest my confinement, but to no avail. Evidently this time, the parents meant business. Despite the racket I kicked up, I was not released and spent the night unhappily in my crate.

At least all seemed forgiven this morning when Dad opened the crate door with his cheerful, "how is my good buddy?" Phew!

I received a great email today from Diane in NYC who had seen Mom's post on Craigslist about the Blainville Wires. She wrote to say she would send a donation and mentioned that she is Mom to two foxies - a smoothie and a wire! Of course, this made my day, so I wrote back to request more info and a picture.

So I am happy to introduce Rally, the smoothie who is going to be 10, and Abby, the wire, who is going to be 6. Rally was rescued from a puppy mill and Abby was rescued from a family who found her too much to deal with (fancy that! Difficult to believe!)
They live in New York city with their doting Mom and Dad and have a very big yard in which to run and play. They also get to go for walks in Central Park.

Diane writes, "I just wanted you to know how much these dogs are loved – as I said they own the house and we love it." They sure look happy in their Mom and Dad's bed!
(Um, some advice buddies - Don't PEE!!!)

Boy, it's like summer time today...well, not really, but it feels like it after the horrid weather we have been having. The sun is shining and it's a whopping 40F! Woohoo!