Thursday, October 19, 2006

Elvis and Me

Elvis's Mom Priscilla took this really spooky photo of me and Elvis - most appropriate a week from Halloween. Elvis is my best male pal - we play together every day, and most of the time he busts my ass. It is not unusual for him to toss me about and send me hurling across the park! But I love him and enjoy the rough play.

Mom on the other hand, is really scared when ever she is near Elvis and he is running off leash with the rest of our posse. She is afraid he might crash into her at full speed - that would probably send my little Mom flying all the way to Washington DC! He once ran into Gracie's Mom by accident, and she landed flat on her side with the wind knocked out of her, some sore ribs and head! And Gracie's Mom is a lot bigger than my wee Mom. So if you ever see all of us running in the park, look out for my Mom, she'll be the little woman hugging a tree or a bench and looking around anxiously! Heh heh!