Sunday, January 08, 2006

Out the Tochuses of Foxie Babes...

Boy, who would have thought that stuff coming out of my tochus would become the conversation in the Fox Terrier Community. You wouldn't believe the emails I have received describing the amazing things that have come out of my fellow Wire and Smoothie (and the occasional Airdale's) tochuses! Mom and I have been sitting at the computer giggling in amazement at your stories. We were so impressed that we figured we would have to post them! I came up with the brilliant idea of also awarding a blog honor to the foxie with the most amazing tale!

Here are some of the best:

From Helen: "Kodiak was eating gravel, rocks up to 1", and would poop them in the bedroom at night. We'd wake up laughing because he sounded like a cement mixer! Not a bit messy, very dry."

From Kathy and Joe: "When we brought Lucy home , we had a beautiful storage/coffee wicker table, she climbed on top of it and ate almost the whole top!!"

From Kay: "From the terriers in my life I have scooped up scads of "remains" from chewed toys, aluminum foil, hunks of rope from rope toys, bits of sponges, wads of kleenex and paper towels. Oh, and big balls of hair. I too have entertained neighbors when I'm out poking at piles of poop with a stick and muttering to myself..."

From Christine: "When Dean was Axel’s age he would pick up everything. Seemed I was always sticking my fingers down his throat to pull out something horrible -- once an entire bird wing. Yuck! So, I started giving him one of my gloves to carry. He would have to drop it in order to pick up something else (disgusting!) & I would have a chance to swoop in before he swallowed it. Well...since then, he has become a master glove thief. I cannot tell you how many strangers I have apologized to after returning a glove filched from their pockets. Come to think of it...maybe I should have given him my wallet to carry!!!"

From Kathy (PA): "Whiskey our WFT ate an entire Easter basket of candy. On Easter morning when my son was small we came down and found all the candy out of one of his baskets missing, including a solid chocolate rabbit. Well the next day out of her tochus came the pink ribbon that had been tied around the bunny’s neck."

Cindy: "My beloved Airedale, Beatrice Brown, ate the most amazing things…
A half of a roll of fiberglass insulation (ouch!)
A string of Christmas lights (also ouch )
And bread left in a plastic grocery bag.
That’s right, you guessed it, her mom (me!) pulled an ENTIRE grocery bag out of that
dog’s butt! An amazing dog. Lived to be 15 …cast iron stomach! "

From Melissa: "Mackie (left) swallowed a women's size 7 nylon dress sock. The days went by and I was studiously watching Mackie's, ahem "tochus" for the missing sock. the days went to weeks as I found myself walking Mackie at all hours day, night and early (very early) in the dark of morning out with a flashlight trained on his behind. Somehow it dawned on me that my neighbors probably thought I was a freak with a poo fetish. Well, alas, my Mackie finally threw up the sock. It was smelly and weighed a ton. With the weight of the sock out of his tummy he ran and ran around the backyard like the weight of the world was off his shoulders."

But the Blog Honors go to WFT Ashley (right) who is owned by Beth, in South CA for these 3 amazing stories:

1. "Ashley ate a whole bunch of sand on one of her first trips to the beach. She was zipping around in circles with glee like a crazy dog and snatching up mouthfuls of sand. I didn't realize she was also swallowing it. She pooped practically nothing but sand for two days."

2. "Ashley ate a bunch of pre-shelled sunflowers seeds for the birdfeeder. Later that evening, her poor belly puffed up and rumble, rumble, rumbled. Seeds do not digest. They come out looking just like when they went in. She pooped nothing but seeds for the next 24 hours. She was like a birdfood dispenser, despositing piles of sunflower seed here and there throughout the yard."

3. Ashley herself tells this hilarious story:
"The Xmas before last, my family left out a santa mug with a couple of mini-snickers that were in shiny christmas packaging. When they were out of the house for a bit, I helped myself to these treats but in the process, knocked the mug off and it broke. When my family discovered the broken mug, my mom apologized to dad for me breaking his mug. He said that was ok but where were the snickers bars?
My mom insisted that there couldn't have been any in there because there was no
wrapper, no little bits of chocolate stuck to the floor, nothing, just a broken santa mug.
Dad said there were definitely snickers bars in there, mom insisted there couldn't have
been and they both dropped the topic. The day after Christmas, my mom laughed when
I pooped and when we went in, she told my dad that he was right, I had eaten the
snickers bars. My poop came out with shiny red, gold, and green plastic wrapping.
Mom said it was like gift-wrapped poop, hence "the Christmas poo story" was born. "

Well done Ashley - you my dear bitch have one hardy digestion system and one cute tochus! And I bet you keep your Mom and Dad very, very busy and very amused!