Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Hanukkah Guest

Please welcome Boomer Newman - he is our house guest for the next couple of weeks. Boomer is almost a year old and he's been with us for 4 hours...and I can tell you, I'm pooped already. This guy is a wire on speed! He is GO GO GO all the time...wrestling, mouthing, bitey face...boy I tell you, I could use a rest.

I've been the perfect host, allowed him to share the affections of my parents, play with all my toys, jump on MY couch and MY bed...the parents are rather impressed with me. Boo tried to hump me a few times, and I let him - I mean he's trying to be boss which we all know is rather hilarious, cos he ain't going to be the boss of me in MY HOUSE.

Mom and Dad took us for a walk. Boo was all over the place, deliriously happy to be outdoors in the ice and wet. I showed him my park and he enjoyed it immensely. I teased him a bit 'cos I, Axel G Chocholoza, being an unusual wire, was off leash most of the time, while Boo had to be tethered of course, 'cos I tell you, off leash, that guy would be half way to Florida in a nano-second and he'd probably make it there by nightfall!

We ran into a few dogs and Boo was very interested in sniffing butts.

The good news is that Boo is not much of a barker, that was Mom and Dad's only wee concern due to noise intolerant neighbor to our right. We expect he might have a heart attack the first time he spots me and Boo walking down the street - his ultimate nightmare - two barking wires! Mom and Dad thought of forewarning him with a note, but then decided it was stupid and unnecessary - if and when we bump him, we'll just explain that Boo is a temp wire.

I hope you will all welcome Boomie to the blog world.
Happy Hanukkah to all - it starts tonite at sundown.