Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Agony, the Ecstasy and the Freaky

Boy do I love water! I went swimming again last week, pure bliss and ecstasy on a hot Philly day. I wanted to share a picture of myself I like to call, "Drowned Rat":

And now to the agony. Eventhough Inca is not a WFT - she is still part of the terrier family - that of Bull Terrier. Personally, I think they are pretty ugly and scary looking. But still, I wouldn't wish anything bad upon them. Poor Inca, took it upon herself to confront a porcupine, and clearly, the porcupine won! "OUCH!" doesn't really do this picture justice:

You'll be happy to hear that a diligent vet removed the quills and Inca is making a good recovery!

Note to self: Never tussle with a porcupine!

And finally the freaky. Thanks to Pippin's mommy Pat for bringing this to my attention. A puppy with six legs and two penises was found sleeping outside a Chinese temple in a Malaysian town, and devotees are treating the freak find as a good omen. The puppy, believed to have been left there by someone, is being cared for by the temple committee and have named him Ong Fatt, or the Lucky One.
The temple committee has obtained a dog-rearing permit from the Klang Municipal Council to keep the puppy as a pet.

Well, I'm not sure what I'd do with six legs, but two penises could be interesting!