Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lots of Good Wishes...

Well here I am, ball-less and still pretty knackered. But I'm really enjoying all the attention I'm getting! I got lots of good wishes and fan mail today.

Cosmo Kramer II (pictured left) who lives near Toronto, Canada wrote to tell me, "Don't worry"! The day after my surgery I was back roaming the house like a King in his fiefdom. I can relate to the cone-o-phibia hard to be my playful self! And..I didn't understand it, but daddy kept laughing at me and saying something about "better reception on the radio"...silly humans!!"
He also had something interesting to add: "I think mommy and daddy are thankful that I haven't eaten
a "condom" yet..although daddy said he was pretty disgusted when he had to pull out a rubber band that was hanging out of my backside one afternoon!"

That's a little too much info Kramer, but it does remind me to tell you all that I both puked and pooped up the condom - how interesting is that. You can't fault me for being thorough!

Then Mom recieved this email from Carol, Mom of Nipper:
"Tell Axel that Nipper says he had the same surgery long time ago, but does not remember. Unfortunately, instead of calming him down which everyone said it would do, as soon as he got over the anesthetic, and forever later, he was wilder than ever. I know you don't want to hear that, but at least be aware that he could happen. Oh, well, as the saying goes, "Life is merrier with a fox terrier."

Carol, I have been sounding that warning bell in many blog posts - I think Mom is wise to the fact that not even neutering is going to calm me down!

And still more fan mail - this time from Cappy and Kaiser!

"We hope you are feeling better. My brother and I went through the same thing, day after the surgery mom made us chicken and rice. I read you blog about getting your mom purse, I, Cappy, like to do that too; my favorite things are the nail files and pencils. My mom says I have a nose for nail files, if she leaves them out I chew on them. Mom always asks me if I am filing my teeth, what a silly thing to ask. Last night I coffee table surfed and ate mom's vitamin. Horrible flavor, definitely did not taste like chicken!"

Chicken and rice...hmmm, that would be swell. Not sure about nail files! I spyed Mom take a cornish hen out the freezer this morning...hope that's for me! I did get scrambled eggs for breakfast this morn - and a dingo chew! And so much loving!!!

Adrianne and Huckleberry also sent good wishes, as did many of my internet wiry pals. Thank you all for your support and love through this traumatic time...

I like to end with a bit of a laugh. So check out my English wiry lass pal Tilly after she had been digging in the hedge for rats. My guess is, she was dunked in a bathtub shortly after the picture was taken. I have never seen a hedge, much less a fun as digging for rodents must be, I think I'd rather not have rats running around my territory. And I think Mom would agree!

Off to lick my stitches before Mom and Dad get home and put that ridiculous lampshade on me...