Monday, August 08, 2005

Of Friends and Foes

So I wanted to share this cute picture of my wiry Israeli friend Mack (right) and his sister Luca (a Canaan dog) owned by Don who lives in Jerusalem. You can see they love eachother! Wish I wasn't an only-dog, but I don't see that changing anytime soon. I am exhausting enough for mom and dad.

Mom used to live in Israel too, but never saw a wire terrier there the entire 6 years she lived in Jerusalem. In fact, turns out she lived around the corner from Don for much of that time! I would like to visit Mack and Luca one day, as I am Jewish by adoption and would like to see the Old City and run on the Tel Aviv beach!

I learnt a valuable lesson yesterday. A cat is not, I repeat, NOT a dog, or anything like a dog. As mom was walking me to the park, we came across Blanche-the-snooty-cat. When she saw me, she got pretty submissive and lay down. Not having had much experience with felines, I playfully pounced on her, and boy did she get pissed, she lashed out and hissed. It hurt. I ran for my life. Now I know why I'm supposed to hate cats!