Saturday, August 13, 2005

Boy it's another scorcher today! Mom and Dad took me to meet Ozzie's family who are vacationing all over the States and came to Philly today. I was sad that I never got to meet Ozzie, apparently he gets too carsick to travel. I sat on Ozzie's mom's lap through lunch, while she alternated between eating her Caesar salad and plucking out my hair:

I also had a fun day yesterday. I met my friends in the park and ran around teasing the big dogs and humping the little ones to show what a big guy I am!

And last night, I met mom's cousins in Havertown for my first proper Shabbat dinner. It was also a celebration for dad's 40th birthday. I was very well behaved except for a short digging stint in their garden - there is something delicious about the grass on the Mainline! And after everyone popped the champagne to celebrate Dad's birthday, I had a grand ol' time chewing the cork...

I am now off to dad's parents house to swim! Yippee!