Friday, December 28, 2007

A New Year Beckons

Here I sit, on my favorite spot in the whole world, on top of the couch's arm, contemplating life and the year that has passed.

I had a jolly good year! I went to the ocean on holiday in Cape May, NJ; I visited Gracie in Maine. I spent an interesting 2.5 weeks with the Daschund/Beagle brood while Mom and Dad went to Africa. I made many friends in the dog park and ran and ran. I enjoyed the daily services of my dogwalker. I spent many afternoons at Daycare which I love. I went on many many walks with Mom and Dad. I destroyed many toys and removed many squeakers. I partook of many treats and chews. I swam in many fountains all through Summer despite being warned that I was not allowed to. I connected with many amazing dog bloggers and cyber dog friends. I launched a heartfelt campaign to stop Marc Andre Laporte from abusing any more of my Canadian brothers and sisters...

BOY, 2007 WAS A GOOD YEAR! (Well, except for the itchies over summer)

Here's to another happy, healthy year in 2008!
Happy New Year Everyone!! (Hope there won't be any fireworks!)