Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year's Wishes and Resolutions

Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve for 2006. A new year for us all. So I was thinking about my new year's resolutions and wishes...I thought I'd share them with you!

Axel's New Year Resolutions:
1. I will stop bolting out the front door when the opportunity arises
2. I will quit begging for food everytime Mom or Dad are eating/cooking
3. I will let Mom and Dad put pink eye ointment in my eyes without biting them
4. I will stop barking at every thing I see move through my front window
5. I will stop pulling Mom's hair
6. I will NEVER pee on Mom and Dad's bed
7. I will not hump Mom or Dad's pillows while they are trying to sleep
8. I will not roll on dead vermin in the park or seek out burrs or chase cats
9. I will eat my food standing over my dish instead of walking around the house and dropping bits and pieces everywhere
10. I will not chew or shred shoes, dining room tables, slippers, Dad's tools, toilet rolls, napkins...


(Ok, don't answer that. It was a rhetorical question)

Axel's New Year's Wishes
1. An end to all puppy mills/farmers markets and punishment to those who run them
2. Blessings and prosperity to all my wiry friends, and in particular to those superlative humans who make it their life's work to help my fellow brothers and sisters
(You can read about a good example of this - the saviors of the Missouri wires, by clicking here)
3. Little stress and lots of fun for Mom and Dad leading up to their wedding on June 4!
4. Lots of chew toys, treats, walks in the park and fun with my best pals Bailey, Saga and Ohren
5. That I get to see the ocean this year and swim and swim
6. (On a more serious note...) An end to stupid human wars, poverty, starvation, disease (especially AIDS, Cancer and MD) , discrimination, ignorance, ethnic hatred, nuclear weapons, greed, torture, violence and cruelty to animals. (Phew, what a shame that is such a long list)
7. That I get to keep my balls for another year
8. That I get to meet Miss Amelia, the bitch for whom I pine and fantasize
9. An unending supply of liver treats when I want them...
10. That I continue to be loved, cared for and spoilt by my Mom and Dad.



Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

I looked in the mirror today, and I can say with brutal honesty that my eyes are NOT pink. Pink is for sissies or for bitches. My eyes look brown/black and very masculine. So I can't understand why Mom and Dad keep harrassing me and chasing me around the living room with this tiny tube of ointment. Last night Dad wrestled me to the couch and tried to hold my jaws shut as Mom attempted to squeeze that foul stuff into my eyes. I fought valiantly - but alas, lost the battle.

This morning, Dad left early for work, so poor Mom tried to add the ointment herself. She tried to grab me by the collar, but it snapped! haha! We then played chase around the coffee table, and I barked my head off at her. She kept pleading with me to let her help me fix my eyes, but I wasn't buying that thank you very much! Mom left for work in a huff...I guess tonight she'll make Dad help her!

Anyway, enough about my's time again for our important installment, "Take Me Home!"
Today we have two cute wires looking for forever homes in the southern CA area. First up is Rags (left), a 5 1/2 yr old, neutered male. His senior owner died and left him homeless. This is a happy, outgoing boy that loves to play and be the center of things. If you can help Rags, please contact Ruth at: 805-386-3757 or email at: Pictured right is Kerry, a purebred, delightful little fellow - he's friendly and bouncy, playful and sweet. Just adorable, and ready for the loving home he deserves! For more info, please call 818-340-1687/1186.

I heard that on Saturday is something called New Year's Eve - the beginning of a whole new year. How exciting! Next year Mom and Dad are getting married - enough of this shacking up business if you ask me. But then I am a being of high moral fiber.

It's another yucky day in Philly today, rain and more rain...I better still get my evening walk!


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Anyone for Pink Eye?

This morning I observed Mom putting on her coat and picking up her keys, so as usual, I knew she was off to work, so I jumped onto my perch to watch her walk to her car. Only this time, out came my leash! Yippee, thought I, Mom was taking me with her!

Boy was I dumb. Guess where Mom took me this morning? Not for a walk. Not to the dog run. Not to Petsmart to choose new toys. But to the vet. The minute I got within a meter of the door, I smelled danger and sat down. Mom had to drag me through the door. Once I was inside, it was pretty exciting. There were all these cats walking around freely, and they didn't attack me or run away! I tried to chase them, but Mom held onto me for dear life. Every few minutes another cat or dog came through the door, and I appointed myself official welcomer. Mom was not impressed, as I refused to just sit down and be calm like the other animals.

When my turn finally came, the vet lady hoisted me up onto this big metal table-thing. I think it was a scale, becos Mom exclaimed, "My God, is he already 24 pounds!" The vet lady was pretty nice but I didn't like it when she started poking around in my eyes. Apparently I have pink eye, whatever that means, and now I'm going to have to endure eye ointment twice a day. Let me rephrase that, Mom and Dad are going to do the "enduring" - heh heh, I don't intend to make it easy for them. I don't like stuff in my eyes, thank you very much!

On a lighter note, Dean-O from Montreal sent me a link to the funniest online petstore that sells Chewish dog items - Jewish themed chew toys that include a bagel, a meshuganeh, schmaltz and a mensch. They all have squeakers -- maybe if I'm good Mom will get me one for Tu B'shvat which is the next Jewish's really the birthday of the trees though, not of the dogs!

Tonight we light 4 chanukah candles. Every night Mom burns a different color - it looks so pretty, I bet candles taste pretty good too - but Mom keeps them high on her shelf as she knows I have my eye on them!


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Watching My World Through the Window...

I found the perfect gift for Mom and Dad! I am going to go online later after Mom gets home and I can steal her credit card (don't gasp in disgust, how do you expect me to pay for a gift? I am a penniless pooch! It's the thought that counts, right?), and buy them one. It's from and it's called 2006 Monthly Doos Dog Poop Calendar! The description goes like this:

A calendar that celebrates dog doo in all its glory. Dog doo in lush scenes photographed with loving care. But there's more to Monthly Doos than just high art. Inside you'll also find fun facts and quotes about man's best friend, and man's best friend's "best work". You'll even get to meet some of the monthly "contributors". Each calendar is enclosed in a SitStay Poo Pickup Bag.

What a riot! I wonder how I can go about becoming a contributer. I also have a good idea for the makers of the calendar, make it a scratch and sniff!!! heh heh.

Mom and Dad are bewildered once again because I prefer to sleep on top of the couch, looking out my front window, than in bed with them! They can't figure me out. How do I tell them that sleeping with them is bloody uncomfortable. Dad tosses and turns, and snores. And Mom uses a bipap which makes funny noises! Besides, how can I protect them if I am not in easy range of the front window!

When Mom related her confusion to her friend Pam, she wrote that, "I had a Smooth rescue years ago that loved looking out the window. I have no windows that look out on anything, so this smart little dog figured how to jump on a table near a window and then on top of the TV sitting on another table! He found out that when it was on (frequently) that the top of the TV not only provided a lovely view, but was also warm! A big plus in the winter. I remember someone coming over one day and asking "why is there a dog on top of your TV?"

Even though Christmas has passed, images and cards are still coming in, so I wanted to share more with you. On the left is Annie and Chuck under their Christmas tree, checking out the contents of their stockings. On the right are the Savage family furkids from Washington State. I don't know who is who, but my dear Miss Amelia is in there somewhere.

Then on the left we have holiday greetings from the Sqwire household. It took me a while to figure out which was the live wire! His name is Rocky and sadly he passed over the rainbow bridge a while ago, but his Mom Gail wanted to share this beautiful memory of him with you. On the right is a greeting card from Helen and her clan, Aspen, Gus and the kitties Lola and Cinnamon. I wonder if Cinnamon has ever sat on a latke? heh heh? Get it? Mom likes her latkes covered in sugar and cinnamon!

Below Left, Master Colby gives us the final proof that Santa Claus is really a Wire and not a fat, old man. Can't you see a Wire jumping from house to house and going up and down chimneys? Eating cookies and drinking milk? It's a lot more believable than imagining a geriatric old fart doing that! Next to Colby on the right is Abby who lives with Cindy in Ohio.

I don't only have wiry pals. Here are my smooth buddies Zap (left) who got a new coat for Christmas, and Wiley from Utah who is a member of the Ear Club, as you can see.

Finally, here are Missy and Muffy who live with Dee (left) and ol' Winston looking dashing in his holiday attire (right).

Of course, the holiday season is all about giving, and not just lots and lots of gifts. But giving to make the world a better place, or in our case, to bring some cheer to foxies who are less fortunate than ourselves. Christine in Montreal has been receiving lots of goodies for the Blainville Wires, and she even made a special label to accompany the gifts. We hope to be able to show you photos of the Wires receiving their gifts soon...We also got more happy news from Elisabeth who adopted Honeybee in Montreal. She reports that, "Physically, she has put on weight, her coat is fuller and shining, all the various infections are cleared and she is very active. In fact she has turned into a normal terrier, toy obsessed and constantly busy. She loves people, most other dogs and also children, always wants to join kids playing in the snow." That's marvelous Honeybee! We are proud of you and your Mom!

I also got an email from Lucy in Pennsylvania, boy she had fun on Christmas day! She wrote that, "I spent the afternoon grabbing napkins off of everyone’s lap or out of their hands. Ya gotta be quick with me. They had to put me in the basement when they opened their gifts as I kept stealing toys. They just kept spoiling my fun. I did get some yummy food though—some turkey and some ham. "
I wouldn't mind some turkey Luc, but I'm a Jewish dog, we don't eat any swine!


Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Chanukah!

Well, I didn't think I was going to blog until Tuesday, but I had such a great day today, that I had to take some time off tell you all about it!

About an hour ago, I helped Mom and Dad light the first chanukah candle in our menorah! Unlike Christmas, which is also today, Chanukah lasts for 8 days celebrating the miracle of the temple oil that lasted for 8 days even though there was only enough for one. Dad lifted me up to see the pretty candles (left) but not before I took I peek for myself (right). I am a curious hound after all!

After the candle lighting Mom sang (not a very pleasant experience for anyone to witness, least of all I who has sensitive hearing) and then she began to make latkes! I was so fascinated by this intricate procedure and the thought of gobbling a few at some point, that I grabbed the digital camera, and decided to pretend I was Martha Stewart (the cooking criminal) doing a cover article on the art of latke making!

Step 1: Peel the potatoes

Step 2: Grate the potatoes - do not be idiotic like Mom and use a miniscule hand grater. She didn't have any alternatives (hint hint, bridal registry) - so she was most courageous to attempt this.

Step 3: Grate onion (try do it with your eyes closed as Mom started to weep half way through...)

Step 4: Beat 2 eggs and mix with some flour and baking powder

Step 5: In true Chanukah spirit, drench a pan in oil and add latke mixture.

Step 6: When browned, remove latkes and place on paper towel to absorb all the oil.

Step 7: Transfer latkes to a pretty plate and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar (South African thing) or Apple sauce and sour cream (American thing). Mom hates apples or any vestige thereof, so Dad had to do without...


Man, that was one yummy treat. I just hope it doesn't give me the runs, and if it does, that it lasts for one day and not EIGHT!

Earlier in the day, Mom, Dad and me headed to our park to run and play. We always have the best time in the park and today the weather wasn't too cold, and besides, I was sporting my handsome coat, so I felt warm and snug!

As usual we went to our favorite spot on the little wall overlooking the river and boat house row. I posed with Mom and Dad for these pictures. Isn't it marvelous how all our coats match? Mom says to tell you she had just woken up and had not "put on her face" whatever that means!

For those of you who have never been to Philly, I took two pictures of the beautiful view:

All in all, we had a spectacular day. I hope that all my wiry pals and their families are enjoying their Christmas/Chanukah hols as much as I am!


Friday, December 23, 2005

POP Goes the Weasel!

Mom came home yesterday evening carrying that mysterious box that the mailman had tried to deliver! And in the mailbox, was another package that I just knew was for me too! I was dizzy with excitement.

In the first package was a red fleece coat. Hmm, a tad disappointing (you can't exactly eat a coat!) - but the SitStay company did include a few treats in the package - greenies! Mom insisted on getting me into my coat right away for a photo op. The coat fit really well and it sure was warm and cozy. I ran around in it, posed for a photo and then began to feel hot!

What I really wanted to know was what was in the box! Eventually with my patience wearing thin, Mom tore it open and inside was my weasel ball! Dad had to open the ball with a screwdriver to insert something called a battery, and then the fun began! The weasel was alive! It darted around the room, it rolled all over and I ran after it. I took it in my mouth and shook it all over the place. But it would not die. Everytime I threw it down to kill it, it came alive and took off! Man it was fun! After half an hour I was pretty exhausted so Mom told me the weasel had to take a nap! He came out again a bit later when I started barking and Mom and Dad needed to distract me!

I received this amazing Chanukah greeting from my pals Agatha and Archie in front of their menorah. Boy, they look positively possessed with the holiday spirit!

I also wanted to share pictures of my friends Kodi and Maddie (left) who also sent their holiday greetings - though they don't look particularly festive - they were more concerned with the neighborhood cat whom I'm told they were staring after in the photo...Mom nearly fainted when she saw Kodi (standing), she thinks we look pretty alike. And on the right is dear Luci who I hope to meet very soon as we not only live in the same state, but a short drive away. Mom and Luci's parents Kathy and Ed met at the Montgo Terrier Show and became firm friends! In the photo Luci is anxiously awaiting Christmas... bet she's going to get a lot of presents 'cos she too is an only child like me!

Chanukah begins on Sunday night, and I am very excited to see the menorah and sing Chanukah songs with Mom and Dad (and hopefully eat latkes). And Mom and Dad don't have work on Monday, so we all get to hang out together! I think I may take a break from blogging until Tuesday unless something very exciting occurs that I feel compelled to share with you all.

To all my Jewish and Christian and Aethiest/Agnostic friends -- I wish you all a very happy and healthy Chanukah/Christmas/Some-sort-of-holiday!


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mothers in Cahoots

As usual, Mom came home after 5 PM last night and as she opened the door, I thought it would be a fine time to reenact my favorite game - "Catch me if you can," so I bolted out the door! Mom seemed miffed as usual - she kept saying, "Axel, I was about to take you for a walk you silly pupik" (I believe a pupik is a Yiddish word for the nether regions of a chicken!). Like I believed her! So I ran about, crouched on my front legs and barked at her as she got close. But then, alas, Mother Nature intervened (bet all Moms are in cahoots), and I felt a poop coming on, so I had to squat then and there, and Mom took advantage of me in my compromised position to stick my leash around my neck! Damn, I was mad at that poopie!

Anyway, she kept her word and took me for a walk - more like I take her for a walk really - she is too slow for me - I need to pull her along at my pace! On the way, we stopped off at the dry cleaners to collect some of Mom's sweaters, and the lady working there thought I was the cutest thing. Heh heh, I'm such a chick magnet!

While I was at home yesterday, the mailman knocked on the door with a big box in his hands, and I just knew instinctively that it was my chanukah gift. But blast it, I couldn't exactly open the door and sign for the package! So I had to watch in sheer agony as he left a slip in the mailbox and took off down the street! What if he never comes back?

Well at long last, I have some Chanukah greeting cards to show off on my blog. The first one Jill, Mom of the Terrierfirma Gang (Libby, Bamboozle, etc), created - it's pretty cool; but not quite as cool as the one I made this afternoon! Notice how I feature rather prominently - I decided not to include Mom and Dad - it would have ruined the ambience of the card! Next to Jill's card is one I got from Bigfoot Fletch and his Mom Carol...

I have a new pal from Ohio to introduce - he has a rather grand name: Highcrest Dale Gunn. I wonder what they call him for short? I can't imagine his parent Chris saying, "Go potty Highcrest Dale Gunn!" Tee hee. He is around my age - 8 months old - I sure would like to get together and play!

I have taken to barking quite a lot lately, especially in the middle of the night. I don't know why my parents seem to get mightly mad at me, don't they realize I am protecting them, the ever dutiful 24/7 watchdog? Just because their human hearing is so lacking, doesn't mean I am barking at nothing! They seem so upset, I have heard them having hushed discussions about taking me to the vet to get me neutered. Hey Mom and Dad - guess what? my voicebox is not in my balls! Cutting off my balls ain't going to affect my ability to bark. Geez, humans can be so dumb!


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Of Dogs & Bitches...

Before I get into today's post, I want to send a big, slobberly kiss and thank you to Petsmart Charities who sent a very generous check to the SPCA in Montreal for the care of the Blainville Wires. Mom got a call from Elizabeth Pierce last night while she was soaking in the tub, and I heard her scream! I got a fright, thought maybe she'd been attacked by something - but thankfully it turned out to be a happy shriek as she heard the news from Montreal! So on behalf of all canines the world over - three cheers for Petsmart!!!

And more good news this morning from my friend Cheryl who has been looking after the 5 Missouri Wire puppy mill rescues! They are doing great! If you remember, I posted the disturbing pictures of these poor abused souls a while back. Well, now you can see how well they have recovered with the outstanding love and veterinary care they have received. Click here to see the amazing transformations of Star, Nora, Little Smirk, Tres and Charity. Made my wiry little heart sing all day!

Well, with Chrismukkah only days away, the cards and festive photos just keep pouring in. It seems everyone and his uncle wants the privilege of being featured on my blog! And who can blame them?

Here is my lovely card from Adrienne and Huckleberry, the smooth jester:

Some of my friends sure are creative and witty. Just look at these funny cards. The first one is from Jo and her gang Esme, Flynn and Snoopz dressed up as the Three Wise Men; and the second is from humans Jill & Mark, with their terrier troup - Libby, Bamboozle, Linus (Airdale) and Mathilda (Scottie). Man I wish my Mom was that clever!

Onwards to our wee fashion segment I like to call, Wires in Weird Threads. Take a look at Snickers (left) in her bright pink snow suit. It almost made me wet myself, but it wasn't worth the effort of having to get off the computer chair and lift my leg! Pictured right is her bro Butchy sporting a purple sweater. My coat is due to arrive any day now, so perhaps I shouldn't make fun of my pals, God only knows how goofy I will look in my new attire!

I got an email from Canadian pal Dean-o, to take exception at my anti-feline comments. It seems, horrors, he lives quite happily with one of those creatures by the name of La Petite Maudite. I am heartened by your testimony Dean-o, but I'm not sure I'd like to share my couch with a cat! Her food might be a different story - I am pretty partial to tuna! By the way, Dean-o wants you to know that he was having a very bad hair day when this picture was taken. Tres evident mon ami - as they'd say in Montreal?

From Canada to South America, I have two new friends to introduce - a mom and daughter act named Chelsea and Milu. I am still hoping to learn more about them and where they live stay tuned. In the meantime, just look at this duo of gorgeous Wires:

Finally, I want to take issue with something that has irked me for ages! Why do humans use our species as a put down or worse, a terrible insult! Take this headline for example in today's news: Saddam co-defendant calls witness a lying dog. Now I ask you friends, is that fair? Should it not be the greatest compliment to call a human a dog? Humans should aspire to be more like us - we are loyal, kind and our mission in life is to give and serve! Our female counterparts don't have it much easier with bitch being the ultimate insult for a woman. Can somebody explain this conundrum to me. I just don't get it, damn it!


PS My wiry thoughts and prayers go out to Woody who isn't feeling well of late. Miss Amelia, his sister, I ask you to give him hugs for us, okay?