Tuesday, November 15, 2005

From Wire to Woodchuck

Oh dear, I pissed off Mom yesterday. She found bite marks on her precious yellow-wood table which she has shlepped around the world with her -- she bought it in South Africa, shipped it to Israel and then to Philadelphia only to have me nibble on it. I'm sorry Mom, it just looked tasty and now that I know how to jump up onto the dining-room chairs...well, it's hard to resist.

Mom has this new irritating weekend habit. She subscribed to the NY Times Weekend Edition. So now every Saturday and Sunday morning, instead of playing with me, she sits at my table and reads that thick, never-ending piece of superlative journalism. I don't like to be ignored, so I insist on sitting on her lap or on the chair next to her while she reads that thing while holding my chew toy for me to chew. It's the least she can do, right?

I never did quite like TIME magazine, but now I just think it's a stupid publication. I see they awarded the best invention of 2005 to the idiots who cloned Snuppy, the first cloned dog! "Last year, Spaceship One was Time's "2004 Invention of the Year". Let's see - from Spaceship to Cloned Dog...humans are so damn weird!

Hey in 2 days I'll be 6 months old!!! I hope Mom and Dad remember and buy me a present. God knows I deserve it...I put up with a lot of shit from them. Haha!