Saturday, February 11, 2006

Waiting for the Storm...

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm just gettling off my perch for a few minutes to write and tell you that big, wet snowflakes are falling on my street. I don't recall it asking my permission, but there isn't a darn thing I can do about it. I do like watching it fall, but I need to be super alert in case it tries to infiltrate the house! Dad just went to bring the tools out his truck and I took the opportunity to bust out the house! Oh joy! Oh fun! I ran around in the snow, barking at Dad who I think was trying to tell me to get back in. Then out came Mom who was still in her PJ's, followed by a neighbor, and I had all three of them trying to catch me. It was such a blast! Finally Dad cornered me, or thought he did - I like to make him think he's clever - in reality, I started to get cold, so I just stopped playing. They dragged me into the house, muttering "bad dog," "%$#^ing maniac wire" and other such things.

Mom's big event was cancelled becos as much as 8-12 inches is expected. I'm thrilled, now I can see more of her. She is not so happy 'cos she worked hard on the event. Don't worry Mom, it will be rescheduled, you'll get to work a Sunday!

Last night I diligently barked all night. Dad got about 3 hours sleep but Mom slept right on through it. Dad does look a bit bleary eyed this morning. It is very nice of him to sit up with me, don't you think? Mom took me out for my early morning walk this morning cos Dad was dead to the world. I saw my mate Bailey and we had great one on one fun without being bothered by the hyperactive Elvis and Ohren who enjoy slamming into us. Bailey has the shoulder bruise to prove it. We also got to play with our friend Lila who looks like a red fox, and boy does she love to run. She's not into wrestling!

Did I tell you Mom fell down our front stairs yesterday? She kind of missed her footing as I dragged her out the door, but I swear it wasn't MY fault. Mom sat and cried a bit on the step, but then hero that she is, got up and still took me to the dogrun. Lots of dogs were there - 2 black labs, a very barky basset, a pug pup, and an airdale who took a shine to me and kept running me over and trying to mount me! It got a bit scary so I ran to Mom who told the airdale's owner to control his over zealous terrier. You go Mom!

Well, gotta get to my perch and watch the snow...


PS Snow pics to come tomorrow!!!