Friday, September 30, 2005

Bring me a Costume!

It seems my post yesterday elicited many varied reactions. Some people wrote to tell me how funny they thought I was, while others were offended by my wit. We wires have ascerbic sense of humors, clearly not appreciated by a public apology to anyone I upset...that was never my intention. Honest. I'm a good boy (in general).

Now for the record, I am NOT a party pooper! Sure, I was poking fun at those Halloween costumes, but it was all tongue in cheek of course (a difficult feat for a dog!). As silly as I think those costumes are, I would be willing to dress up too, especially if it's for a good cause!

Which brings me to remind my fellow fox terriers of the Fox Terrier Network photo contest, the proceeds of which go to fox terrier rescue, a very worthy cause! One of the categories is best costumed dog - Fashionable Fox Terriers...and to show you all what a good sport I am, I am dragging mom to the pet store today to find a costume so that I can enter the contest! And, dear friends, I will exhibit myself in costume on this blog shortly so we can all laugh at me! I admit, this is not totally altruistic...Todd the Smooth Fox Terrier let me in on his secret: "My brothers and I also learned about all the attention that we get when we are dressed up and out in public. Believe me you can even get cookies from strangers!"

Did you say Cookies? Woohoo, enough said - where is my costume MOM????

In the meantime, I received emails of other humans keen to show off their costumed wires, who probably know all about Todd's secret!

Here is Chewy dressed up as a devil...eeek, I'm scared! How can a sweet WFT be taken seriously as a angel more likely! Heh heh!

Here's Terry, Chewy's sibling, dressed first as a witch and a dragon! I didn't know dragons had ribbons on their heads, but OK! Terry looks like she's thoroughly enjoying his get up! Look at that smile!

This is my fave pic - it's of Lucy who passed away in February this year, dressed up as a lion. What a sweetie! And what an inventive grandma she has who thought of winding a scarf around her head to transform her into a lovable lion.

And here's Winston looking decidedly Halloweenish, and rather serious.

Weeee, here's Dean-O jumping for joy in his sports jersey!
And showing off his "my parents when to Disney World and all I got were these lousy Mickey Mouse ears!" (left)

And below is Luci from PA who is not really in costume, but as I'm an imaginative sort of fella, I'm going to say she is dressed up first as famous Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz and (below that) a dog pretending to hold a pumpkin very much in the Halloween spirit. It's more interesting than dog with sponge!
If any dogs reading my blog want to show off their costumes, please email them to me! And remember, to send them to the FTN - our brothers and sisters less fortunate that us, really need our help!

And finally, I bring you this hilarious photo of Bamboozle and his Mom, both dressed up and looking equally silly but quite fabulous! Bamboozle is obviously dressed as a pumpkin, and Mom looks like Snoopy the famous beagle judging by the little black nose...or she could be a licorice candy caught in a snowstorm? a polar bear with an inkspot? Put us out of our misery Boozle, what is your mom dressed up as?

Sorry again to anyone I upset yesterday - I was so upset myself that I only ate half my breakfast this morning.