Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Miss Amelia Runs Amok!

Miss Amelia did a dastardly act yesterday. She escaped from her Dad and was considered lost and AWOL for 2 hours filling her family and neighbors with much angst. The jury is out on whether she fell in the yard's woodpile or hid there (perhaps to smoke a joint or plot a bonfire?). Either way, I am most relieved she was found and returned home. Miss Amelia you are a very naughty bitch!

You may be wondering how Tilly and Maggie's puppies are doing! They are now just over 3 weeks old, and they are looking a bit more like dogs than blind gerbils. Check them out. Tilly's are pictured left, and Maggie's right:

I'm so happy summer is here. Every evening now Mom or Dad takes me to the dog park where many dogs of all shapes and sizes (and smells) gather to play. I have made some new friends like Shadow the Chihuhua, Spunky the Jack Russel, Lola the American bulldog, Super Dog (I don't know what he is but I like his name), Tommy the Daschund and many others who I know by smell but not really by name.

Mom has been working on my 1st birthday party invitations! They are cool. More details to follow. Time to go watch House - I dig that nasty doctor!