Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Get Lucky Today!

Urgh, I'm going to the vet this evening. Mom and Dad are going nuts watching me chew myself senseless. Everytime I try to bite myself or scratch, they try to pry my head or leg away, and it's very frustrating. They keep threatening to put that lampshade thing on me, but it makes me so unhappy they capitulate. As Mom said, imagine if we had big mosquito bites and couldn't scratch, we'd also go barmy.

I look pretty awful, I have red splotches everywhere, my paws are red. Man, I'm miserable. I hope the vet can help me tonight. Dad highly respects this man as he looked after all Dad's pets when he was a young boy. Mom just thinks it's a terrible shlep - it takes about an hour to get there...but as long as he helps me Mom won't mind.

Anyway, it takes my mind off my itchies to talk about something else. I want to introduce you to Lucky a 5 1/2 year old male wire who lost his home because his Mom lost her job and had to move. He is completely house trained, has all of his shots, is on heart worm preventative. He is very sweet and loves to go for walks and plays well with another dog. He will lay at your feet or sleep with you on the sofa. He should not go to a home with another male says his guardian. That's too bad because I was going to ask Mom and Dad if Lucky could come and live with us!

If you can offer Lucky a forever home - please contact Nancy at

Not much else to report. The heat is god awful, so I haven't been out much, and when we do go out usually later than usual in the evening, I come home and lie on the cold floor and pant for an hour (in between scratches of course). Wouldn't it be grand if some of that white cool stuff would fall from the ground? I liked playing in the snow!