Saturday, September 23, 2006

Keeping Paws Crossed...

My itchies are back. With a vengeance. I am so itchy I want to just shed my skin like some old snake and get a new one. I am that uncomfortable. Thank the lord, Dad took me back to the vet today so I could get a shot and stop biting and scratching myself. I never thought I would ever be happy to see a syringe!

I've been having a really good week thanks to Gracie's Mom. From Tuesday to Friday, after our usual gang went for a walk, I was allowed to stay over at Gracie's house while Mom and Dad were at work. Man it is so much better than being alone all day! I suspect the thinking behind this was to appease my nemesis, the complaining neighbor. In fact, let me add, that Mom called Animal Control to find out what the law is on barking dogs in Philadelphia. She was told that dogs are permitted to bark for FIFTEEN minutes every HOUR. I really don't believe I ever exceed that... and anyway, what with my recent training and the sudden plethora of chewing treats and toys, who has the time or inclination to bark!?

Anyway, enough about neighbors who don't appreciate my charms... I want to tell you all about this amazing quilt that you could win with a small donation to Airdale Rescue. I often get mistaken for an Airdale by the ignorant masses, besides foxies, I think Airdales are the coolest, though I don't recall ever having had the pleasure of seeing one up close. Mom grew up with an Airdale, a bitch named Winston (yeah, I can't work it out either), but unfortunately she was hit by a car at a young age, poor gal. Just look at this quilt!!

And, believe it or not, there is a wire hidden in there amongst the Airdales. Can you spot it? I've blown it up for you here:

I wish I had an Airdale pal! Please check out details of the raffle at
http://www.airedale friends/ and support them if you can. Mom really wants that quilt - she sent off money for a few tickets and told me to keep my paws crossed. I asked if we could line my crate with it if we win, and Mom gave me a very odd look!

By the way, another Airdale rescue is raffling yet another quilt - for details to win, click here: (you may have to scroll down some)

Remember my pal and fellow motorcycle gang member Dean-O won the Petster Dog of the Month contest and generously donated all his proceeds to American Fox Terrier Rescue? Well, the organization accepted the check, and you can read all about it over here: It was a mightly big check- and thanks to Jake-the-Wire, seen below, for accepting it on behalf of all Foxies in need:

I have yet to see a piece of brisket, but I remain, Axel G Chocholoza, ever the optimist.