Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just call me Mr Handsome

I now know why they kill chickens before they pluck them. Eek! Mom kept her word and sent me off to Bow Wow and Meow's yesterday so that Kathleen the groomer could strip my coat. I don't mind it that much, but it gets tiring after 4 hours...I can only imagine how Kathleen must feel! Anyway, I like Kathleen a lot and she tells me I am one of her favorite clients!
I know you are all dying to see my groomed handsome here I am:

There is a lot of craziness going on at the moment with the impending July 4th weekend! Last night, around 9:15PM I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the loudest bangs you can imagine! I thought the world was coming to an end. I barked and barked as loud as I could, but the bangs drowned me out. And then I looked out the window and these colorful lights were falling from the sky! Dad tried to put me on my leash and take me outside for a better view, but no way was I going into the midst of some god awful war zone. No thanks! So Mom and Dad ran out and left me alone. Can you believe that?

It seems the fireworks were supposed to be across the river but because of the flooding, they moved the display to Lemon Hill, my favorite spot on earth and right on my doorstep! After the explosions ended, Mom came to get me and I met up with Gracie and Kila and many neighbors outside. Gracie and I had a good wrestle and I tried to get into her house because there is a lot of fun places to play in there - her house is bigger than mine. No luck. We had to stay outside.

After the long grooming session and the terrifying explosions, I was exhausted. So while Mom checked her email, I lay down with my head on my pet squirrel (the gift from Mackie) and had a well earned sleep. I dreamt Gracie and I discovered a yard full of dingo chews and huge butcher bones filled with yummy marrow.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Update from Tieta, and other bitches

Tieta is home! You do remember Tieta right? The wee wiry gal who needed a forever home who was profiled on my blog a month or so ago. Ozzy from Colorado saw Tieta there and declared his intent to have her for his sister. And so his wonderful parents shlepped to Texas to pick her up and bring her home. Reagen, Ozzie and now Tieta's mom writes, " We just LOVE her!! She is totally mellow compared to Ozzie!!! I was expecting a little wild child."

(A mellow wire? haha, just you wait!)

"We are having a bit of an adjustment period with her and the chickens. She would love to have them for dinner I think! That was to be expected though, and we are working on it. She loves riding in the car and I take her with me to take my son Mason to karate. We even took her to Lowe's on Tues. She loved riding in the shopping cart. lol! She is such a treasure..."

Boy, this kind of happy news just makes me totally verklempt! I just love happy endings! Look at Ozzie (foreground) and Tieta, siblings forever...

And I like new beginnings too! I got an email yesterday from a mature but nevertheless gorgeous 9 year old wire named Sydney - she lives in Lancaster, that's in the same State as me. She wrote to tell me about a wiry gal who lives in the city who I should check out. Sydney's mom reads the Philadelphia magazine, and right there on page 52 of the July 2006 issue she spotted a beautiful photo of a bitch named Lucy! Lucy works with her mom at a store in the city called "Doggie Style" - sounds rather obscene to me! So here is the picture of Lucy replete in a bright pink frock. She looks like a spoilt princess, I'm not sure she's my type Sydney.

And then Sydney, upon reading about my upcoming vacation by the shore, told me that she had vacationed on a beach in Cape Cod, and she sent me a few pics too! I have to tell you Syd, I'm far more attracted to an outdoorsy bitch like you than a pampered, clothes-wearing bitch like Lucy! You look ravishing suntanning on your purple beach towel!

I was very amused to hear from Sydney's email that, "My mom reads me your blog all the time and shows me the photos. Even my dad knows about the infamous Axel G. Chocolaza. My mom never just calls you just "Axel." It's ALWAYS Axel G. Chocolaza. She only calls me Sydney Jennifer Martin when I am unrolling the toilet paper, eating some newspapers, or tip toeing my way into the trash can (one of my favorite tricks.) I am the only one in my family who thinks that trick is funny!"

I think that's hilarious Syd! I'd also be curious to hear their pronounciation of my's Chocholoza not Chocolaza which sounds more like a frothy chocolate drink, no? But I always appreciate my name being used in full, so kudos to your Mom for her efforts. I hope to meet you one day Sydney, I think we'd have a swell time together!

Before I sign off, I have a funny story to tell you. Yesterday evening in between rain storms, Mom took me out for a walk. We met up with Elvis the pitbull and Leelo the red-fox-looking-bitch-of-unknown-breed. So the three of us ran off lead like maniacs for a while, and then I spotted a big puddle. I was hot and thirsty, so I figured what the heck, I lay down in the puddle, stuck my snout in it and rolled around until I was completely sodden. Then I just sat in the cool water and drank and drank. Mom as usual just laughed, but Elvis and Leelo's Mom's told her I am one freaky dog!

What a compliment! Freaks rock!


Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm going on vacation!

Oh Boy! Mom and Dad told me that we are going on vacation over the July 4th weekend to a place called North Wildwood in New Jersey! A vacation sure sounds like fun - Mom said I am going to see lots and lots of water everywhere - and I love water, sand and new sites and smells. Mom loves the ocean and hasn't seen it in 2 years, so she was doing a serious jig when they found the accommodations. Mom also went into top gear searching out dog-friendly places in the area and writing notes on Craigslist asking if there are dog beaches or parks. Someone claims we are allowed on the beach next to the boardwalk - I sure hope so.

Mom told me her dream is to be sitting on the beach under a brightly colored umbrella with Dad snoozing on the one side, and me sitting on a towel on the other watching the sea and swimming together in it. Sounds good to me!

Oh, and my pal Skippy from PA is down in Ocean City for the summer, so we hope to meet up! His mom says he's a brat - heh heh, we'll see!

In other news, the terrier population in Maine is growing daily! Check out the wiry Maine guys below - Willie, Terry and baby Guiness. They also have a blog full of fun pics of Wires and other dogs - check it out

It's been a very rainy weekend but hot and humid too. Mom is threatening to get me stripped this week so I'll be cooler on our vacation. Personally, I quite enjoy being stripped, it's like a calming massage at Bow Wow and Meouw!

Dad is dropping me off now at Gracie's house so we can play. Gracie is my best best girlfriend even though she is an Anatolian Shephard and not a wire. Her sister Kila is a spaniel and she's sweet too. So....toodles!


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Wire Wagon

You've all heard of the band wagon - don't ask me what that means - but I'd like you to meet the wire wagon featuring our own sweet recovering Jenny, victim of that mean raccoon who has caused her temporary paralysis. Crystal, Jenny's devoted Mom tells us "Jenny is in her new little red wagon, being towed around the house, wherever I go. I put a big fluffy pillow in there, then her blankie and topped it all off with the required piddle pad. " Just look at the sweetheart, all smiles and wiry bravery pictured left.

I think I'd quite like a wagon for myself for the days I feel very lazy. It would be great to be towed about by Mom and Dad! You just get better soon lassie, and keep up the good work Mom Crystal.

I was delighted to hear from my wiry friends in Singapore again today! You remember Party, Mango and baby Fever, right?
Well Party tells me that I am quote, their "inspiration" as far as blogging goes!
"We had since broken into mummy’s lap top and gotten ourselves a decent place in blogging land!" Their new blog can be seen by clicking here:

The blog is well worth a visit, it's full of funny photos of the wires - check out this one of Mango and Party all dressed up in what they describe as their wedding photo! It's also interesting to see what one of the wires looked like before and after becoming part of their family so full of wiry love.

What a funny pair they are!


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mystery Revealed and Lesson Learned

In my last post I asked for your prayers for Jenny, my Wiry Fox friend who had inexplicably become paralysed. Thank G-d Jenny girl is on the road to recovery thanks to the wonderful vets who diagnosed her bizarre and crippling affliction.

It seems poor Jenny has what is called Coonhound Paralysis. It seems Jenny developed an immune reaction to an antigen in raccoon saliva - so we think she was bitten by a raccoon! The result of the bite is paralysis, loss of bladder control and respiratory paralysis. There is no real cure, just supportive care - so Jenny should be back to herself in 4-6 weeks as she is getting excellent care from the vets and her family. Interestingly, Coonhound Paralysis is exactly like the Guillain Barre (aka John Barry) syndrome in humans.

So my wiry friends. Let's learn an important lesson from Jenny's unfortunate episode:

Stay away from raccoons!
I know it's tempting to chase and catch any creature that moves, but leave these coons alone, they are evil creatures who are lethal to our well-being. Unless you can operate a shotgun, I wouldn't go after them!


Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Dad

I don't need people to designate a date in June to tell my dad I love him. Yeah, today is Father's Day and I did give my dad a funny card...but I tell my dad everyday how much I love him by giving him kisses, snuggling and being his best pal.

It's still hot today, so me and Dad took a nap together this afternoon. I think you can see clearly how much we love each other in these photos...

Who do you suppose is more wiry? heh heh!

Please keep my wiry pal Jenny in your thoughts and prayers - she is having a problem with back leg paralysis and all us wires are hoping she'll be a good candidate for surgery and a complete recovery.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pant Pant, it's HOT

Boy, Summer sure is here. It's 92F today and it feels awfully HOT in my wiry fur coat. Dad bless him went out and bought me a small pool today so I could cool off. It's not like I can really swim in it, but I did enjoy walking in the cold water, eating the floating bugs. I also loved jumping in the water and then going to sit on mom's lap and soaking her clothes, haha.

A while ago Huckleberry sent me a birthday gift, a gorgeous Tshirt that says, "The Bitches Love Me." I'm not too fond of wearing clothes, but I loved this gift, so I put it on last night and did a bit of a fashion show. Don't I look like a stud?

I reckon it's back to the pool now, I'm starting to pant again!


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Good News and Possible Employment

I love starting off a blog post with HAPPY news! I heard from Bigfoot Fletch's mom Carol that Scubie, the 6-year old wire featured on my blog on May 11, has found his forever home! Carol wrote:

Just wanted to share the good news that Scubie - the little guy from Forida who was looking for a home is now a San Francisco boy. According to a friend who checked out his new digs for us, he will not be treated like a dog, but like a king, in his new home! Way to go Scubie!

Wow, I hear San Francisco is one cool place to live! Scubie's new family sure is lucky to have him! All the readers of my blog wish you a long and happy life Scubie!

So I was reading the NY Times today and think I might want to apply for a new job. Apparently humans are now training us canines to sniff out everything from counterfeit CD's to bed bugs! Seems that New York City is being overrun by these nasty bed bugs and they are relying on us to sniff them out in record time. I quite fancy this kind of work - afterall we terriers were born to sniff out vermin, bedbugs aren't that different! If I get bored laying about the house, I might just go to and see whether there are any bedbug sniffing positions open in Pennsylvania!

Dad is away tonite working in North Jersey in some town full of Hoboes (Hoboken). So Dad told me this morning that I am the man of the house for the next 24 hours and to protect and look after my Mommy. I will take my job very seriously and will sleep on Dad's pillow (nothing too unusual even if Dad is in the bed) so Mom won't be lonely. Frankly, between you and me, I don't think it's very cool of Dad to abandon Mom less than 2 weeks after their wedding! But not much I can do about it...humpff.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Shout out to Gus the Wire

A wiry fellow of 3 years of age left me a nice comment on yesterday's blog post. His name is Gus (pictured left), and he just moved to Arizona - that's the place Mom and Dad want to live too, because it's HOT there! So I'm hoping one day I get to be neighbors with Gus, he looks like lots of fun. His blog is called "On the Go with Gus" because the lucky fella travels a great deal.

I tried to leave a comment on his blog but it wouldn't let me post! Blimey. Gus, if you are reading this, leave me another comment and add your email so we can correspond!

Not much news from me - oh other than some horrible horrible human smashed into Dad's parked truck AGAIN! I heard the bang this morning and barked and barked - but Dad grabbed me and had the temerity to tell me to shut up lest I wake up our dear precious sensitive neighbor Rex! Let that be a lesson to you humans -- we don't bark for our amusement, we bark for a reason, ususally to help our masters and warn them of trouble!

Dad is very upset about his car because in this country even though it isn't your fault, if someone drives off without leaving their info, you have to pay a $500 deductible to get your car fixed. Doesn't seem fair, does it? I mean $500 could keep me in Dingo chews for a few months! Mom and Dad shouldn't have to spend their wedding gifts on stupid insurance deductibles. I feel really bad for them. I hope that human who rammed the car and ran away gets bitten by an untrained vicious pitbull! (No offense to my gentle pit friend Elvis).

I saw Bailey this morning, she had to have stitches after her run in with Sasha the Akita. I think she needs a bit of psychological counselling as well, she's one bitch who can't get along with other bitches. What a shame. I mean I dig a good chick fight just like the rest of the guys, but not when it's two of my closest female pals. Try to get along gals!


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bike Race Brings Friends from Afar

Guess who I met today? Mackie the Sock Eater's Mom Melissa, Dad Steve and nephew! They came all the way from Maryland to meet me, and oh yeah, to see the big Bike Race in Philadelphia which is taking place right in my park! And noone even asked if I minded! What's up with that?

Anyway, Melissa and Steve were very friendly and gave me many pats and admired my head of all places. They also brought me a gift - a squirrel squeaker toy! How cool is that? People bearing gifts are always welcome to visit me.

Funny to think that last week this time I was at Doggy Day Care and Mom and Dad were doing a jig at their wedding. Mom seems very tired this weekend, she's been sleeping an awful lot - guess she has some catching up to do. I am happy to report that the wedding room has been restored to my computer room and I can come and go now as I like! Woohoo.

Yesterday morning Bailey the Boxer and Sasha the Akita had a bit of a fight. Sasha is always on leash, but Bailey kind of went for her and ended up with a bleeding lip. I never saw Bailey this morning, I hope she's okay - I tried to visit with Mom yesterday, but noone answered the door.

I think I better go downstairs, Mom is behaving weirdly - she's yelling at the TV! There are these odd little men in different colors running around on the screen chasing a ball - something called the World Cup Soccer. Being from Africa, Mom seems to enjoy this "sport" - she's yelling "Go Mexico!" and saying less than flattering things about Iran. Meantime, Dad is fast asleep in bed with the TV parents sure are nutty.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Mom and Dad are Married!!!

Woohoo, the wedding is over! Mom and Dad are now Mr. and Mrs. I'm sorry I missed the wedding but I had a fabulous time at Doggy Day Care, and it was only two nights, so it wasn't that lonesome!

Check out some wedding photos!!!
Here is the bride:

Mom circles Dad as is customary during the ceremony:

First Dance:

Home from Doggy Daycare and back in Mom's lap where I belong:

Life is great, we're now no longer a family living in sin...and I'm legit!