Friday, October 14, 2005

Bed Socks?

I almost choked on my Solid Gold biscuits this morning when I spotted this cartoon in the morning newspaper:

I completely identify with it. I have three dog beds -- a crate with sheepskin liner, a zebra patterned furry bed and a huge round bed in the basement, but I choose to sleep UNDER mom and dad's bed. I enjoy their mystification as to why I wouldn't prefer to sleep between them ON the bed - how can I explain to them that their snoring and thrashing about disturbs me? Under the bed I can stretch out, the mattress forms a convenient sound barrier, and they can't reach me to drag me outside to potty! There is method to my (seeming) madness!

Can you believe it is STILL raining? Seven days straight. Boy it sucks! So did Yom Kippur suck as I only got fed my food, no human food was to be had all day! And more bad news, mom and I didn't win the Powerball...noone did! So our philanthropic dreams are on hold for another few days!

I spotted another contest online, this time for the Coolest Dog on There are 15 categories (including nautiest dog, craziest tail...) and it is free to enter! Prizes include a photoshoot for the cover of New York or Hollywood Dog Magazine! I think I might just try my luck again - but first I made sure to enter the Fox Terrier Network Photo Contest as my loyalties are with my fellow foxies first!

Finally, a message to my pal Mackie who just ate and swallowed his third sock much to the alarm of his Mom Melissa....Hey Mackie, what's up dog? Surely you can find more tasty treats to eat? The nutritional value of a sock is zero and it's not much fun to try to poop it out! Rather do what I do...learn to open the refrigerator door or overturn the trash, you'll find far more tasty fare in those places! Best of luck in passing the sock, my thoughts are with you...eek! (Pictured left is Mackie and sock, pre ingestion.)