Friday, November 18, 2005

Squirrels in a Box?

OMIGOD - Look what I found in Mom's closet today!!!

Heh heh, just kidding! Now that I'm post Birthday, I'm feeling fulling of jokes! I found this pic online and thought it was too funny. I'd love to find that in a closet 'cos I think it would take a while for the kitty to untangle herself from the hangers and then I'd catch her! Blanche the cat next door, always sits on my wall and taunts me. Boy, it drives me nuts!

Speaking of birthdays, I never did get that big surprise! I had chicken breast and eggs for dinner, but that was the sum total of my birthday treat! Mom and Dad are going to the Phila dog show this weekend and Mom promised to bring me gifts from there.

So I found a new friend in my State of PA. His name is Pancho, named after the Mexican Revolutionary by the same name. I sure wish I was named after a revolutionary! Pancho lives near Exton, PA with his Mom Nadine. I think he's 10 years old. He has some nice toys there!

I also met another new friend, Chloe who is even older than Pancho, she's 12, but you'd never say it to look at her sweet face. She loves to snuggle with her teddybear, and she is so lucky, she's a California Gal! She lives with her daughter Peaches, and human Mom Marjorie.

You know I really don't like this cold weather. Mom can't get out of bed in the morning (not even my peeing on the warm down quilt helped, she now sleeps under her summer quilt with a blanket and she still can't bring herself to get up) and ends up leaving me 10 minutes to walk. I haven't seen Bailey or Elvis in 3 days! It sucks! All we do is go around the block! Hope Dad goes back to regular hours next week, he has no problem getting up early!

My deepest thanks to my girl Miss Amelia for sending me this cautionary cartoon. I am so flattered that she has my manhood at the very pinnacle of her thoughts and priorities:

It's the Philadelphia Marathon this weekend so I hope to go along and watch. I don't understand why they don't let us dogs enter the race - a marathon would be a breeze! It would be extra fun if they planted a squirrel in a see-through box on wheels in front of us, and had us chase after it! Don't you agree Mackie (he caught a squirrel last week!)?
I may have to write to the marathon committe and suggest such a thing. I have a feeling however that PETA would have their tits in a tangle at such a proposition!