Sunday, February 12, 2006

Best in SNOW

The world is white and icy. After barking all night again, Dad got tough and put me in my crate. Yuck. No amount of whimpering from me made any difference, so eventually I went to sleep. For 2 hours.

Around 7:30 AM, Mom thought she'd take me out. We could barely get the front door open, the snow was everywhere. It was AMAZING. Man I love the stuff! I pretended to be a canine plow, buried my snout in the snow and just raced ahead. Mom was laughing her head off in between warning me to slow down. At other points, I became a rabbit and hopped to go forward becos the snow was that deep! I was so excited I totally forgot to poop and pee! Here are some photos of me:

After drying off - i.e. me running around the living room in a beserk tizzie - I had a warm breakfast of eggs, and returned to my perch. I can not see a darn thing out the window - wish Dad would get off his ass and clean it from the outside for me!