Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Vacation Report and Pictures

Happy July 4th Everyone!

Mom realized that yesterday was her 4 year anniversary in the United States. And...today is Mom and Dad's ONE month wedding anniversary!

But more importantly, today I get to tell you all about my fabulous vacation at the NJ shore! We just got home a while ago, in time for all the July 4th craziness on the Parkway up the road.

My Vacation: Chapter One
Hit the Road Ax
On Friday Mom and Dad packed up all their goodies and we we hit the road to the NJ Shore - our destination: North Wildwood.
I love being on the road, feeling the air in my face...

My vacation: Chapter 2
Our digs
Mom found this rather little old "house" to rent on Craigslist. It was cheaper than usual probably because when you walked through the door it was like stepping into the 1940's. Put it this way, it wasn't very modern looking. But I loved it, I could jump on the furniture, run in the yard and make myself at home without worrying about messing up the decor. I did miss my window perch in Philly, but I just adjusted to the new situation by lying on my stomach under the porch railing:

We had a really good time in North Wildwood and also drove around to Wildwood, Cape May, Avalon and other places. But it was always nice to come "home" where we all spent such quality time together sitting on the porch reading or snuggling inside:

My vacation: Chapter 3
Meeting Wiry Friends

Mom and Dad always go out of there way to hook me up with other wires. So our vacation was no exception. We drove 30 minutes to Ocean City where my cyber pal Skippy and his Mom Barb were waiting to meet us. Skippy is a 9-year old wire rescue who lives with his Whelsh sister Lulu. We had a wonderful time running around Skippy's beautiful shore house and eating lots of treats. We hope that maybe Skippy, Lucy (Kathy's wire) and I can meet up soon as we don't live that far from eachother. Skippy's Mom was awesome, she brought out cakes for Mom and Dad, and kept admiring how handsome I am.

My Vacation: Chapter 4
Idiocy in Ocean City (no offense to Skippy)

After we said our goodbyes to Skippy and Barb, we were driving home when we noticed a big sign, "Dog Park". As I was dying to play some more, Mom and Dad made a detour so I could go to the park.

But when we arrived there, it was empty and every entrance gate was bolted with big magnetic locks that require swipe cards to enter. Well, Dad, who is not a mild mannered guy (that's why I dig him, his passion!)...went ballistic. "A private dog park? I don't %$#&ing believe this!!" (trust me, I am not doing his ire justice). He promptly called up City Hall on his cell (while Mom rolled her eyes in the backseat) to ask what was up with this park. Turns out it is PRIVATE, and only for resident dogs of Ocean City who need a permit for the luxury of playing there which comes with a fee! So I guess Skippy will get to enjoy it, but I couldn't and that made me sad. So, with no insult to you Skippy and Barb who live there part of the year, UP YOURS OCEAN CITY!

By the way, I made a nice poopie outside the gate...and I'm not going to admit or deny that we disposed of it!

Chapter 5: My Vacation
Frolick on the Beach

NJ has very discriminatory policies towards us canines. Well, actually, not only canines...all the signs along the beach and boardwalks say "No dogs or cats or domestic animals permitted from May to October". Mom and Dad had a chuckle about "domestic animals" - Dad wondered what would happen for example if a pirate came upon a beach with his parrot - would he get fined? Funnily enough the night Mom and Dad braved the boardwalk in Wildwood (without me of course) then ran into a man with a parrot and put the question to him!

Anyway, not to be deterred by petty signage, one morning Dad and I went for an early walk and Dad risked taking me onto the beach. It was grand but the waves coming at me scared me a little. Mom was so upset she'd slept through (typical mom) my first beach experience, but she needn't have worried! On the way back from our disappointment in Ocean City, we passed a secluded sort of a beach off the highway and saw dogs on it, so Dad pulled over and we went to check it out. It was such fun - it was a lagoon and a beach, water everywhere. We all had a grand ol' time!

Chapter 6: My Vacation
Closing Thoughts

After 4 glorious days in the sleepy town of North Wildwood, we headed home today to Philly. I thoroughly enjoyed my very first vacation and hope it is the start of many more. I especially look forward to more roadtrips in search of more of my wiry pals. It was awesome of Mom and Dad to take me along on their mini-honeymoon as I can be a pain at times...but I am pretty sure having me along only exacerbated their vacation pleasure...

Tomorrow it's back to the grindstone - barking, sleeping and keeping the folks in line.