Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meet My New Cousins...

Mommy's brother B who lives in South Africa has acquired some furkids. Unfortunately for me, they are not doggies but kitties. Also unfortunately, I am not very likely to ever meet them as I can't imagine flying 24 hours on a plane to South Africa. In any event, I wanted to introduce my new cousins on my blog as they are very cute, even if they are cats! They are Bengal cats, when they are babies they are referred to as cubs and not kittens cos they are descendants of some wild cat, maybe a leopard as their coats are similar. Tosca the girl and Jupiter the boy are bro and sis. Their ears look a lot like Foxie ears don't you think? Heh heh.

Mommy got an email about a missing Smooth girl in Oklahoma. Her name is Foxy and she is 6 years old. She has been missing for a week. Her mommy is very upset of course, so I said I would help to publicize the story in the hope that someone in OK will find her and call her Mommy - night or day at (405) 826-2012 or (713) 562-5968. She looks like a very spunky gal - in the picture she is standing on a billiards table!!

Not much else to's been very cold here but still no snow. Mom is wishing she was back in South Africa this weekend because it is summer and because her cousin Mike is getting married and all the family is together...We take this opportunity to wish Mike and Tessa a very happy marriage forever!


Monday, January 14, 2008

Congrats to Grandpa and Grandma

I call on all my wirey pals to join me in drinking a grand ol' toast to my Mom's parents, Grandpa Abe and Grandma Reeve who live in South Africa! Today, January 14, they are celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary! Can you imagine living with the same person for that long? That's 322 dog years!!

Below is a picture of the happy couple taken in South Africa when Mom and Dad were visiting in September last year. I don't know who the wooden man is...he has an awfully big head!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! WE WISH YOU MANY MORE HAPPY AND HEALTHY YEARS TOGETHER!! Come and visit us soon - we miss you. I have met my Grandma twice and Grandpa once when he came for Mom and Dad's wedding. He calls me his "Michel" dog. Don't ask me what that means, I don't question him as he is the man responsible for bring wires into the family and for my name Axel (Grandpa owns a truck-axel manufacturing company in Johannesburg called Go Axels! I am named in his honor).


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Of Visitors and Snoozings

Hello friends. Sorry I have been away for almost 2 weeks. The year has not been off to a great start - we had some disappointing news last week and none of us felt much like blogging. But terriers that we are, we are BACK now and feeling ready to push forward!

Over new years, we hosted a little visitor named Sheina, a chihuahua mix. She lives in New York but has cousins in Philly who have a wee human, and the family didn't want Sheina around, so she ended up at our house for a few days. At 10 years old, she was an old grumpy bitch, uninterested in playing with me so I can't say I enjoyed having her around very much. She also tried to eat all my food and steal my Daddy's affections, so I was quite pleased when her humans came to take her home! Look, if you are going to come and stay at my house, you better make an effort to be nice, especially to ME!

This week, my good friend Sophie also dropped by to visit. She lives around the corner with her Daddy Vince. Sophie is also an old girl, but unlike Sheina, she has a kind spirit and enjoys my company. We are good pals. Mom had just got a new CD in the mail and she wanted to share it with Vince, so we all sat on the sofa and listened. It was some French lady called Piaf singing her lungs out. It hurt my ears, and I wish Mom would realize that she can't sing!!! If I hear her "sing", "Non, je ne regrette rien" once more, I am going to have to dive out the window.

Otherwise, not much to report...I've mainly been hanging on my couch and snoozing a lot. Winter makes me lazy...